Appointments simplifies and speeds up the process of scheduling a call or meeting with a customer or prospect by checking availability in your external calendar (or multiple users in a group) and letting you pick an available time that suits without ever leaving FLG CRM and keeps FLG up to date with any changes you make. The days of manually duplicating appointments in multiple calendars are gone!

Appointments requires the user to connect their external calendar to FLG CRM. This is done through the profile menu in the bottom left corner of FLG CRM. Click Update profile > Calendar Settings > Open Calendar Settings. This element is powered by Cronofy.

Appointments are made from the lead summary in FLG CRM via the New drop-down (New > Appointment). Access is controlled by the Managing Leads permission “Enable add notes, emails, tasks & other items”.

Appointment types speed up the process to create an appointment and makes sure they're created in a consistent way by your users. Click Settings > Appointments to create an appointment type.  Access is controlled by the Administration permission “Enable user to manage appointment settings”.

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