You can share a PDF of a completed journey with a customer or prospect and instantly confirm back information collected via a journey.

Email a journey PDF link to your customer

To email a journey PDF link to your customer, add it to an email as a template variable. When you send the email to your customer from FLG either manually, via a lead action or within a workflow, FLG creates a unique link for the latest submission on that journey for that specific lead at that time. The link will always take your customer to the same version of the journey.

To add a journey PDF link to an email template:

  1. Click Settings > Templates and open an existing email template or create a new template by clicking Add New Template and selecting the lead group to associate the template with
  2. Click Insert template variable above the email template subject

  3. Expand the Journey links section and go to where the descriptions start with "PDF for..." and the variables are prefixed with JPDF - JPDF indicates that it is a journey PDF link

  4. Place the cursor in the email editor subject or body at the point you want the journey PDF link
  5. Click the name of the journey in the Journey links section you want to include in your email

  6. The journey PDF link template variable will be inserted into your email template in { and } tags

  7. At the time of sending the email, the template variable is replaced with the journey PDF link relating to the lead which your customer can click
To improve the look of your your email, it's best to hide your long journey PDF link behind a shorter text link. To do this in your email template editor:
  1. Type the text you want your customers to click to obtain a PDF of the submitted journey. For instance, "Click here to download your fact find" where "here" will open the journey
  2. Add the journey PDF link as a template variable into the body of the email or into another application to copy later
  3. Select the text you want to make into the link e.g. "here"
  4. Carefully copy the journey PDF link template variable added earlier - do not copy any spaces or extra characters. Only copy from the opening { to the closing } e.g. {JPDF_MORTGAGE_FACT_FIND}
  5. Click the link button in the template editor toolbar - this is at the start of the third group of controls on the second row

  6. On the Link Info tab of the Link popup, select <other> from the Protocol dropdown list. The Link Type should be left set as URL
  7. Copy the journey URL template variable exactly into the URL box

  8. Click OK on the Link popup
  9. The text selected will now be a link

Tip: To thank your customer for completing a journey and send a copy of the information back to them, add a new lead action to "Contact Customer" on the event "Journey Completed - Customer" with a condition on the journey name to limit to a specific journey. Include the journey PDF link in the email template as described above.

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