Moving Leads From One Group to Another

Moving leads from one group to another is not just as simple as pressing a button. This is because different lead groups can have different additional fields with different validation and types. There is a way that it can be done if need be and it involves up to 6 steps, (detailed below).

Note: If you do not need to move any activity, you can skips steps 2, 4 & 5.

Step 1: Exporting the Lead Data

Use Search Leads to locate the leads that you need to export (if more than one), export the leads to a CSV file using the Export button towards the bottom of the page.

Step 2: Exporting the Activity Data

Again using Search Leads, locate the leads that you need to export (if more than one), export the Lead Activity to a CSV file. We recommend that you make a copy of the file and work on the copy rather than the original just in case you need to go back to the start.

Step 3: Importing the Lead Data

Change the Lead Group (and Lead Type information if necessary) in the CSV file to the group that you wish to import the leads into.

Note: You WILL NEED the new Lead ID's that are shown at the end of the import if you are importing activity. Alternatively, you can choose to put these ID's in an unused column before importing them. Perhaps Introducer reference or Marketing Term?

Note: We recommend setting up and new lead type in the group you wish to import into (Imported Leads). This way you have separated the imported leads from all the other leads, ensuring that you can easily locate them if need be.

Once you've done this, use the Tools> Import. See our Importing Leads article for more information on importing leads.

Step 4: Updating the Activity Data

Your imported leads have new Lead ID's, you'll need to update the ID in the Lead Activity CSV file so that when you import, the system can find the new Lead the activity relates to. You can just type out the new Lead ID or copy and paste it from the list given with the new ID's however, we recommend using a Vlookup to ensure that the correct ID is used for each piece of activity. It is also a much faster way of doing it.

Inside the original CSV file containing the lead data, enter the new lead ID's or if you included them in the import, export the new Lead Data. Don't worry if you cannot filter the leads export to just the leads that you have imported. It doesn't matter if you have extras in the exported CSV file. Copy the data to another sheet within the same book as your lead activity that you are going to import.

Note: The old references must be the first column so move them if they are not. The example below shows the old references inserted into the column before the new references.

Note: Ensure that the telephone number field is formatted to number with no decimal places.

In the page that contains the activity, add a column for the new references and enter the Vlookup for the first record as shown below. Copy the formula down to all the other cells.

Note: Take care to ensure that the correct cells are referenced. The Example below shows B2 but the next one will be B3, which would be looking up the new Lead ID in the other sheet for Lead ID 98103227.

Formula: =VLOOKUP(B2,Leads_Import!,A:B,2,FALSE)

Step 5: Importing the Activity Data

Import the activity data using the Import Activity tool under Tools in the menu on the left side.

Step 6: Check Records before Deleting the Exported Leads

Once you have completed the importing of Leads, you should choose a lead (or a few leads) to check the old leads activity matches the activity on the new lead. You can then can now delete the leads from the old group. Search for the leads in the same way that you did to export them and delete them using Bulk Actions.