Billed Services

We bill for essentially 2 types of service:

  • Your subscription (including any recurring monthly amounts such as for a text message inbound number).
  • Any extra services you buy (such as text messages or professional services).

Our billing periods always start on the 1st of the month or the 16th of the month. Your direct debit will be set up for that date.  You'll be sent an email to tell you which of these dates your direct debit falls on once you start your subscription.

Your first bill may be for a month and a half (showing as 1.5 months on your invoice), this is to bring your first payment up to your next billing point.  The first bill will also include charges for setting up your account. If your set up charges and first month's subscription exceed £400, we'll ask for the set up and first month's subscription to be paid by bank transfer before we activate your subscription.

Invoices for subscription are always sent around 14 days prior to the next billing period (we bill in advance). For extra services, the invoice is sent on the 1st of the month for usage in the previous month (billed in arrears).

When you upgrade or downgrade, you'll be sent an invoice for any extra you owe or a credit note if you are due a refund. This happens every time a change to your subscription is made (upgrade, downgrade or add/remove users).

Direct Debits

You can set up a Direct Debit in your account in Settings > Configuration > Subscription > Set Up Direct Debit. Once you have clicked to set up a direct debit you will be taken to a Go Cardless web form to complete. Direct Debits are collected 5 days after an invoice has been raised.

Note: There is a minimum collection amount of £1. Any invoices raised for an amount less than £1 must be paid by BACS.

Cancelling Your Subscription

We'd hate to see you go.  Before you leave, please tell us what we can do to keep you - you're important to us and we want to make you happy!

To cancel, just let us know by phone, email, or post (if you really want!).  From the minute we receive your request, we won't bill you again for your subscription.  You might still owe us for extra services and get a final bill for those.

Any billing period already billed for must still be paid (we need you to notify us at least 14 days before a billing period begins if you want to cancel).

Remember that your subscription is subject to our Terms & Conditions of Service, this article is meant as a guide only.

Changing Your Subscription

You can change the number of users and you can also choose to upgrade or downgrade your editions at any point however downgrades and reductions in the numbers of users does not take effect until the next billing date and this is because we cannot offer partial credits on invoices that have already been raised. Any upgrades and increases to the number of users will take effect immediately and are charged on a pro rota basis.

So, if you increase your number of users from 5 to 6 on the second week of the month, an invoice would be raised for a user licences subscription for the quantity of 0.5 (2 weeks) at the current editions licencee rate.

If you wish to change the number of users or to change your FLG edition, please see our Change Your Subscription article.