This guide is intended to help you to troubleshoot problems when integrating web forms (Tools > Capture Leads > Web Form).


It's best to remove the strAPIFailURL hidden field whilst testing so you can see the error messages returned by the server.  You can also use the test first name flg and last name test to check that the form fields validate correctly without actually saving the lead.

Getting Validation Errors When the Field is Present

This is usually caused by the field not being named correctly.  Make sure that all your form inputs have identical names to those in the sample form you get at Tools > Capture Leads > Web Form.

For example, the first name field should be named strLeadFirstName.  These names are case sensitive.  So in the case of first name, you should have a field that looks like this (it can have other attributes but the name is the only one that's mandatory):

<input type="text" name="strLeadFirstName" value="" />

'We are unable to process this request' Error

There's 4 common reasons for this error:

  1. The form is missing the intLeadGroupID hidden field.  If you don't see this (or other hidden fields within the form), copy them in from the sample form and try again.
  2. You don't have any lead types set up in the lead group that you're posting the lead into.
  3. None of the lead types in the lead group are able to accept the lead because they have filtering that excludes them.  To fix reasons 2 or 3, head to Settings > Lead Groups and click on Lead Types.
  4. The lead group setting 'Allow capture leads through iFrame and web form' is not enabled.  Go to Settings > Lead Groups and edit the lead group to enable.

The Form Just Reloads When Submitted

If this happens, check that you have the correct <form> tag, and more specifically, an action attribute, like so:

<form action="" method="post">

Validation Messages Aren't Showing in a Popup Dialog Box

You need to select the 'JavaScript Validation' option in the Capture Leads tool, otherwise the form will be posted and validated by the server before the result is returned.  With JS validation enabled, the user is prompted to fix most validation problems before the form is even submitted.

If you're sure you selected this option but JS validation isn't working as expected, make sure that your form includes the <script> tags and the <form> tag has an onSubmit attribute.

If you're still struggling to get JS validation working, check if other scripts on the page are conflicting with our code.  A known issue is that you can only use 1 FLG form (with validation) per page.

I Don't See The Success/Failure Page

Make sure that you have a full URL (including the http:// prefix) in the strAPISuccessURL and strAPIFailURL hidden fields.

The '?id=000000' Added to the Success Page URL Causes Problems

We append the new lead's ID to the success URL so you can parse it and present it to the user.  This sometimes causes problems with some content management systems (CMS).

You may be able to workaround this problem by simply adding a hash (#) to the end of your success URL, like this:

This works by tricking the browser into thinking that the added parameter is a page anchor intended for the browser.  If this doesn't work for you, please get in touch with support so we can try to help.

Other Problems

Our scope of support doesn't cover issues you run into whilst integrating our forms, but we'll try our best to help as best we can or point you in the right direction.  If you need our help, as always, please get in touch.