FLG allows you to accept payments from partners through PayPal.  Partners can either fund their account when they sign up, or can add funds to their balance at any time from within the partner portal.

1. Create a PayPal Account

Firstly, head over to PayPal and set up an account.  You'll need the email address you signed up with, or the secure merchant ID within your PayPal account under 'My Account > Profile'.

2. Set Up Instant Payment Notifications (IPN)

From within your PayPal account, go to 'My Account', then 'Profile', and click the link to 'Instant Payment Notification Preferences' under 'Selling Preferences'.

Now 'Choose IPN Settings' and provide the notification URL in this format:


PayPal communicates with your system securely over SSL (https).

3. Enable PayPal in FLG 

The final step is to enable your partners to pay you through PayPal in 'Settings > Configuration > Payment Gateway'.

Select 'Enable Add Funds' and 'Enable PayPal', and type in either your PayPal email address or secure merchant ID under 'PayPal Email Address or ID'.

You can also specify the increments that you accept payments in (or leave blank to accept any payment amount).

When you've saved those settings, you're ready to accept payments through PayPal.  We recommend you run a test transaction to make sure you've got everything set up perfectly.

PayPal and VAT

PayPal can handle the VAT for you (set it up in PayPal, under 'My Account > Profile > Selling Preferences > Value Added Tax').  Set up a 'Domestic VAT Rate'.   The amount the partner chooses to credit is excluding VAT, and the amount that is eventually credited is excluding VAT, but the PayPal charge will have VAT added.

Refunds or Reversals

Refunds or reversals will show up in your partner's account automatically.  Just keep in mind that if you have a chargeback which results in a reversal (handled automatically for you), which is subsequently defended and you are re-credited, you'll need to manually add the credit to the partner's account.