To create a lead by email, send a plain text email to using your template. You will find your example template (similar to the one provided below) in:

Tools> Capture Leads> From a website> Click 'Continue'> Select the capture method 'Email'..... (Be sure to make the right selections for Lead Group/ Introducer/ Marketing Source here too)

accountid: *
key: 60Cc4zc7gPfPEUmqt7WrnpVkjr6tr5kS
leadgroup: 659
site: 4
introducer: 36
type: Type 1
user: Demo User
status: Contacted
reference: SOURCE-123
source: Google
medium: Adwords
term: Ad Group
cost: 10
value: 100
title: Mr
firstname: John
lastname: Smith
company: ABC Company
jobtitle: Manager
phone1: 01282123456
phone2: 01282456789
fax: 01282123789
address: 1 This Street
address2: This Area
address3: This District
towncity: Burnley
postcode: BB12 6EG

data1: 100

contactphone: Yes
contactsms: Yes
contactemail: Yes
contactmail: No
contactfax: No

In the event of any errors, an email will be sent to the user you have listed in your preferences (Settings> Configuration> Preferences> Under notifications). If you have not received an email containing the details of any error(s). It's likely to be either: 
  • You are not sending a plain text email: Make sure you send a plain text email to the email address. Most email clients will use HTML but also send a plain text part, so should work OK. If you have problems, try setting your email to be sent as plain text.
  • You must send the email to This must be in the 'To': address NOT 'BCC' or 'CC'. The 'To' address must only contain '' 
  • Check that the email contains: accountid: and key: (you should also be giving leadgroup:) 
  • You should also provide a First Name & Last name (and any of your 'required' fields) 
If You've ruled out other capture methods and can't use our email API because the email can't be formatted correctly or is not a plain text email. Consider using an email parser