It's possible to send leads from FLG into DXI Dialler (this includes Easycallnow Dialler and Difference Corporation Dialler).

To set up this integration, you will need:

  • Your API Hostname (if you've been given one)
  • Your API Username
  • Your API Password
  • A dataset number

To obtain these, please contact the dialler's customer support.  Note that the username/password you need is for the API, and is usually different from your main dialler credentials.

Setting Up the Integration

In FLG you need to add a webhook as a lead type action:

  • Go to 'Settings > Lead Groups > Lead Types' and edit the lead type that you want to send leads from.
  • In the 'Actions' section, click 'Add New Action'.
  • Choose 'Webhook'.
  • Click the red 'Click to Configure' button.

  • Choose the webhook type 'DXI Dialler (New Record)' and type in your dialler API hostname, username, password and dataset number.
  • Click 'Apply Settings'.

  • Choose the event you want to trigger the action (i.e. selecting on event 'Received' will create a lead in the dialler as soon as it's received in FLG). 
  • Click 'Update' to save the webhook.

There are some important things to understand:

  • By adding webhooks on different events (maybe also using conditions), you can do really clever things like sending leads to the dialler only when they reach a certain status, let's say 'Interested' (choose 'status changed' as the event with a condition 'status is the value Interested').  That will create a lead when the status changes.
  • The first name, last name, phone number, alternative phone number, address, town/city and postcode are always passed across.
  • The phone number in FLG will be passed to the 'ddi_home' field and the alternative number will be passed into 'ddi_mobile'. 
  • If there's a field in the dialler named 'email' (or variations on it), we'll save the lead's email address there.
  • To have additional fields in FLG sent across to the dialler, you should name the fields in the dialler 'data1', 'data2', etc..
  • To give the dialler the FLG lead ID (our reference number) simply add a field in the dialler called 'flgid'.  NOTE: This is required if you want to follow the instructions below to set up screen pop.

Setting up Screen Pop

If you need to be able to do things within FLG whilst on a call through the dialler, you'll want to set up the dialler so the lead pops up when a call comes in.  Make sure you've followed the instructions above and added 'flgid' as a field in the dialler first.

In the dialler, edit the queue that your calls are coming in through, and add the following JavaScript code to the 'Script Text' box (use 'On Call (default)' agent page):

<script type='text/javascript'>
  function screen_pop_flg() {
    var url = 'http://<hostname>/bo/BOLeadSummary.php?intLeadID={{flgid}}';
    var target =, 'flgpopup');
<button type='button' class='button' onclick='screen_pop_flg();'>View in FLG 360</button>

Remember to replace <hostname> with the FLG hostname (usually in the format

Changing the Outcome

You'll sometimes want to change the outcome code in the dialler, often to set the record to a 'complete' outcome and stop dialling.

To do this, we have a similar webhook called 'DXI Dialler (Change Outcome)'.  You'll need to set this up with the same hostname, username, password and dataset that you use to add the record.

This webhook is usually used with the 'Status Changed' event.  If you only want the outcome to change on a particular status in FLG, use a 'Status Changed' event and add a condition of the status you want to trigger on.

You can choose to either set a fixed outcome code (just type the outcome code in when you set the webhook up), or leave the outcome code box blank to pick up the outcome from an #<outcome> tag on the status.  For example, adding #15878 to the end of a status description in FLG would set the outcome to code 15878.  If we don't find an #<outcome> tag, nothing will happen.

Note that the outcome of the last record created against the lead will be changed.  So of course, you need to add a record before attempting to change the outcome.