It's possible to send leads from FLG into any Dialler which supports VICIDIAL, there's also an option to update the status of the lead in the dialler too.

Examples of some of the services which support VICIDIAL are:

  • Hostcomm
  • Bluetelecoms

To set up this integration, you will need:

  • The IP address or hostname of your dialler.
  • Your admin username.
  • Your admin password.
  • A list ID in the dialler (defaults to 999 if you don't supply one).
  • The source that you want to attribute the records to ('flg' will be fine here).

To obtain these, please contact the dialler's customer support.

Important: When you contact your dialler's support team, you may also need them to whitelist FLG's IP addresses, so we can reach your dialler.  To get a list of the IP addresses that we use, please contact us.

Setting Up the Integration

In FLG, you need to add a webhook as a lead type action:

  • Go to 'Settings > Lead Groups > Lead Types' and edit the lead type that you want to send leads from.
  • In the 'Actions' section, click 'Add New Action'.
  • Choose 'Webhook'.
  • Click the red 'Click to Configure' button.

  • Choose the webhook type 'VICIDIAL Dialler (New Lead) or VICIDIAL Dialler (Change Status) ' and type in your dialler details.
  • Click 'Apply Settings'.
  • Choose the event you want to trigger the action (i.e. selecting on event 'Received' will create a lead in the dialler as soon as it's received in FLG).
  • Click 'Update' to save the webhook.

There are some important things to understand:

  • By adding webhooks on different events (maybe also using conditions), you can do really clever things like sending leads to the dialler only when they reach a certain status, let's say 'Interested' (choose 'status changed' as the event with a condition 'status is the value Interested').  That will create a lead when the status changes.
  • The first name, last name, phone number, alternative phone number, address, town/city and postcode are always passed across.
  • The phone number in FLG will be passed to the 'phone_number' field and the alternative number will be passed into 'alt_phone'.
  • FLG's lead ID (our reference number) is saved in the 'vendor_lead_code' field.
  • We send the value of '44' as the 'phone_code', which means you can only use our VICIDIAL integration for calling UK phone numbers.
  • Queue priority allows you to set the urgency for calling the record in the dialler. This can be set from 1 to 99 with 99 being top priority.