Sender of the Leads

As the sender of the leads, you'll need to provide:

  • Your hostname (i.e,
  • An 'Access Key' with Read permissions. In your account under settings > Configuration> Access Keys. (This will allow the receiver of the leads to fetch information about the fields in your lead group during this process).
  • The Lead Group ID (where you're sending leads from). This can be found in your account under Settings> Lead Groups> Edit Group

Receiver of the Leads

Once you have these details, Go to Tools> Capture Leads and choose 'From a Third Party Account' 

Click continue. Just insert the Third party's Hostname, Access key & Lead group ID onscreen.

  • Choose the lead group that you want these leads to drop into. 
  • You may want to associate these to a particular site (so that emails can be sent using the sites details (Site name, Site email address, Site telephone number etc)
  • Select an introducer if you are tracking that leads are coming from a specific partner on your account. Alternatively, if the third party is not set up a a partner:
  • Click more Options and select a 'Marketing Source' so that you can track and report where the leads are coming from.
  • Click Continue.

Step 4: Send Instructions to Third Party

Next Steps You'll have some instructions on-screen that you need to copy and pass to the person who is sending the leads to you. Please save a copy of these details because once you have left this page you'll need to start from the beginning if you need to get them again.

Just ask the third party to go to 'Partners › Settings', select 'Internet Delivery Enabled', and enter the details you have copied. i.e

Request Method: POST
Content Type: XML
Result Description XML Element: message
Return Reference XML Element: id

Delivery URL:

POST Data: 

(like so):

Note: If you or the third party change any lead group's fields, you may need to start this process again.