Pipedream is an easy to use traffic inspector which captures data sent to a generated endpoint so that you can view it. This is really useful when troubleshooting problems with lead submission using the API or Web Form methods.

Step 1) Get Started

Go to the Pipedream website by clicking on this link.

You will see a button displayed on the page to get started. Click on that.

Step 2) Create a 'FORK'

On the screen, select the 'FORK' button and then sign in.

Step 3) Copy the webhook endpoint

You will see a webhook source on screen. This URL needs to be used for the request that you're making from whichever service is being used.

Below is an example of using the URL in a basic Postman request.

Step 4) Inspect and Copy the Data

Once you send through the request to Pipedream go back to the page. On the left side you should see a new request log appear. Click on that to bring up the data.
Now that the data is on screen you can inspect it and copy it so it can be sent to others.
For help with troubleshooting please make sure to copy both the headers and body and then send this over to our support team.