To set up this integration, you will need:

  • The IP address or hostname of your dialler.
  • Your admin username.
  • Your admin password.
  • A list ID in the dialler (defaults to 999 if you don't supply one).
  • The source that you want to attribute the records to ('flg' will be fine here).

To obtain these, please contact the Connex customer support team. Important: When you contact the Connex support team, you may also need them to whitelist FLG's IP addresses, so we can reach your dialler.  To get a list of the IP addresses that we use, please contact us.

Setting Up the Integration

In FLG, you need to add a webhook as a lead type action:

  • Go to 'Settings > Lead Groups > Lead Types' and edit the lead type that you want to send leads from.
  • In the 'Actions' section, click 'Add New Action'.
  • Choose 'Webhook'.
  • Click the red 'Click to Configure' button.

  • Choose the webhook type 'Connex Dialler (New Lead) or Connex Dialler (Change Status) ' and type in your dialler details.
  • Click 'Apply Settings'.
  • Choose the event you want to trigger the action (i.e. selecting on event 'Received' will create a lead in the dialler as soon as it's received in FLG).
  • Click 'Update' to save the webhook.

There are some important things to understand:

  • By adding webhooks on different events (maybe also using conditions), you can do really clever things like sending leads to the dialler only when they reach a certain status, let's say 'Interested' (choose 'status changed' as the event with a condition 'status is the value Interested').  That will create a lead when the status changes.
  • The first name, last name, phone number, alternative phone number, address, town/city and postcode are always passed across.
  • The phone number in FLG will be passed to the 'phone_number' field and the alternative number will be passed into 'alt_phone'.
  • FLG's lead ID (our reference number) is saved in the 'vendor_lead_code' field.
  • We send the value of '44' as the 'phone_code', which means you can only use our Connex integration for calling UK phone numbers.
  • Queue priority allows you to set the urgency for calling the record in the dialler. This can be set from 1 to 99 with 99 being top priority.