Emails to Customers

  • Emails can be sent using information held for the "Site" or for a "User" allowing you to vary the name and email address shown when you email a customer.
  • The recipient sees details of either the user (Settings> Users> Edit. i.e 'Name' and 'Email Address') OR The details you have listed for the Site (Settings>Sites>Edit). 
  • You can have multiple sites listed under Settings>Sites if you trade under different brands.This way you can change the details depending on the Site 
  • If you wish for emails to always be sent using the Site's details, check how your users are set up in Settings> Users> you need to select "Send emails in the sites name not in person".
  • When sending bulk emails the Options Tab allows you to make some choices about how you'd prefer your emails to be sent.

Note: when leads are unassigned emails will be sent out using the sites email address and details.

Emails to Partners

  • Emails sent to Introducers / Referral Partners are sent using the details held in Settings> Configuration> Account Details. (Not in the users email address or the Sites email address)