Reply emails can be viewed from the users home screen or on the lead summary.
Just click the square 'view' button to read or reply to the email.

If leads are unassigned, the email replies can be viewed by choosing  'All users' or 'unassignedfrom the user list on your homepage.
This would then show either: All email replies or All email replies on leads that are unassigned.

When a reply comes in from an email, the reply will be assigned to the user who sent the email rather than the lead's assigned user.

When sending bulk emails you have a choice who to send the email from (yourself, from the lead's associated site or from the user assigned to the lead). How you send the email determines where the reply will be allocated.
  • If you send in the site's name or send based on the user associated to the lead, these replies will be allocated to the assigned user.
  • If you send from yourself, the replies will be allocated back to you.
You can reallocate email replies. Just click the 'view' button (as above) . You can select a user from the drop down list. this will now appear on that users dashboard.

What happens to email replies when a user is deleted?
  • If the lead is now unassigned (because the user has been deleted), the email replies can be viewed by selecting 'All users' (as above) However,
  • if the lead is now assigned to a new user - this user will be allocated any email replies which will be displayed on this users dashboard.