This article explains the various tracking stages that your emails sent through FLG may be at.

You can see the tracking stage label (if there is one) next to the date on emails in the lead's activity, or in the Last Action column in email reports.

No Label (or 'Sent' in Email Reports)

Email that has just been sent or has soft bounced will not have any label, or will show as 'Sent' in email reports.

A soft bounce is where the email address was valid and the email message reached the recipient’s mail server. However, it bounced back because:

  • The mailbox was full (the user is over their quota).
  • The server was down.
  • The message was too large for the recipient’s inbox.
  • For any other reason, the mail server told us to try sending the email again later.

We'll continue to attempt to send these messages for several days until the message is delivered.  If we can't eventually deliver it, it will be treated as a failed email.


Failed email is where either we couldn't connect to the recipient's mail server, the mail server rejected our message (sometimes after many retries), or we didn't attempt to send the message because we'd tried unsuccessfully before (we 'dropped' the message).

You may see more information about the reason for the failure if you view the email and look at the Status field. It will either show the email status code or 'Dropped'.

When an email fails with a 'hard bounce' (a permanent error, such as where a mailbox doesn't exist), we'll also set the lead's Permission to Email to 'No', so that you know the email address is not contactable.

Important: Even if you set Permission to Email back to 'Yes', the email will probably still fail the next time (it'll be dropped).  If you believe the problems with the email address have now been resolved and would like to try emailing again, please contact us so we can remove the block.


The email was delivered to the recipient's mail server. This doesn't necessarily mean it reached the recipient's inbox, as spam filters may still have caught it.  Our Email Deliverability & Spam article has more information on this.


Indicates that the email has been opened or clicked. You must have open and click tracking enabled for this to work.  You can enable it in Settings > Configuration > Email.

Note that open tracking is not in any way reliable (many email clients prevent the mechanism working), and so should be used for comparison between batches of emails only.

Replied (in Email Reports Only)

The recipient replied to the email.


The recipient clicked the unsubscribe link, or marked the email as spam.