Creating an Email

Create an email easily by clicking on the email address on a lead or by clicking 'New' and selecting 'Email' from the drop down. Once the editor loads you will be able to type out an email and press Send once you have finished. You must provide a valid email address (correctly formatted) and a email subject to be able to send the email.

You will notice there's an option to CC or BCC another email address by clicking for either option.

You can cancel the email by pressing Discard Draft and you can save the draft for later by pressing Save Draft & Return.

Attaching Files

You have the option to attach files to the email. You can upload a file from your PC by pressing the Attach Local File(s) button or, if you have already uploaded files to our File Manager, you can select these by clicking Attach from File Manager. Any files you attached must be 10MB or less

Using a Template

You can use an existing template by selecting it from the template drop down list near the top. For information on creating templates or more detailed information on what the editor tools are used for, please see our Guide to Creating Templates.

The Editor