Each lead in FLG has separate contact preferences for permission to email, text (SMS), mail, phone and fax. These can be updated manually but you may run into an instance where you'd prefer it to be automatic.(i.e when a customer texts 'Stop')

In this tutorial we are focusing on the permission to text and how you can provide a lead the option to opt-out of further communication (by changing the permission to text: No) .

The first step would be to head over to www.flowxo.com and setup / login to your account. Once you're signed in, create a new flow by clicking on the 'New' button near the top right corner.

Step 1) Create your Flow

You'll want to start with a blank flow.


Select the trigger for 'Receive a Webhook'


On the screen you'll be shown a box that has a URL. Just copy that for now and leave this page open then head back to your FLG account.


Step 2) Setup the Lead Action

In FLG, go to Settings > Lead Groups > Lead Types (select 'Edit' on the lead type you want to setup this action). On screen, you'll see the 'Actions' section. Add a new action for 'Webhook' and set it to send on the event of 'Text Message Replied'.

Click to configure the webhook and set the URL as the one that you copied from Flow XO.


Save the action. It should look something like this once it's all setup:


Now, add a condition by clicking on the faded red box for '+ No Condition'

Add a new condition for 'Text Message Body' - 'Contains the value' - Stop


Note that you can change this to suit whatever conditions you like. Once you're happy with it click update to save the changes. You should be left with a webhook and a condition.

You will need to trigger this webhook on one of your leads. In this instance you'll need to send out an SMS on a lead to a mobile device and respond to that message with 'Stop'. This should trigger the webhook. You'll know for sure because back on Flow XO, the webhook screen you opened earlier will mark as complete:


Click 'Next' and then 'Save'.

Step 3) Setup your Flow

Now you want to add a new action by clicking on the + symbol:


Scroll down and select 'More Services'


Select FLG from the list


Set the action as 'Update a Lead'


You'll be shown a screen that walks you through connecting your FLG account. Just follow those steps and then click on 'Next' once you're ready.


Once your account is connected, you'll be shown a screen with all of the fields for a lead. We need to pass in the lead ID from the webhook. To do this, click on the 'XO' icon on the right side of the box for 'Lead ID'


Choose 'Id' from the list:


Now scroll down and look for 'Permission to Text Message' and set the value as 'No'


Now you can scroll to the bottom of the page and click on 'Next' and then 'Save'.

For the last step, just switch the flow on by clicking on the 'Off' button in the top right corner.


That should leave you with an active flow that's ready to update leads when a text message is sent into FLG saying 'Stop'.