FLG tracks email opens, clicks, replies, unsubscribes, spam reports and failures.  There's also a set of matching event hooks that allow you to add actions related to these events.  This article explains how to use email events and includes some ideas about how to make the most of them.

The email events you have available are:

  • Email Opened: Triggers when the email is first opened.  You need email tracking enabled for this event to trigger ('Settings > Configuration > Email').  This event relies on 'pixel tracking' - we embed an (almost) invisible image into the email, and when the recipient opens the email, the image loads, and this triggers the open event.  For this to happen, the recipient must click the 'show images' option in their email client.  Therefore, it's only reliable as a relative measure.
  • Email Clicked: Triggers whenever a link within an email is clicked. You need email tracking enabled for this event to trigger ('Settings > Configuration > Email').
  • Email Replied: Triggers whenever an email is replied to.
  • Email Unsubscribed: Triggers when the recipient unsubscribes.
  • Email Spam Reported: Triggers when the recipient reports the email as spam within their email client.
  • Email Failed: Triggers when the email fails (hard bounce).  If the email bounces (soft bounce), then no event is triggered - it's only for complete failures.
To make email events more useful, there's some conditions available to filter events, these are:
  • Email Subject: Allows you to filter on the subject of the (sent) email.  Available for all email events.
  • Email Link ID: For links within emails that have an ID attribute set, allows you to filter on this attribute.  Available for the 'Email Clicked' event only.
  • Email Link URL: A filter for the URL of a link within an email. Available for the 'Email Clicked' event only.
To add actions relating to email events:
  • Go to 'Settings > Lead Groups > Lead Types'.
  • Edit the lead type that you'd like to add the action to.
  • Scroll down to the 'Actions' section where you can add the action.
  • Once the action has been added, there'll be a grey 'Conditions' label to the left of the action.  Click on this to add conditions to the action.
Ideas for Using Email Events:
  • Pre-qualify your leads by warming them up by email and only initiating personal contact when the recipient interacts with the email.  Add 'Assign to User' and 'Task User' actions to events 'Email Clicked' and 'Email Replied' (use conditions to stop leads being re-assigned once that's done).
  • Offer recipients a series of further emails if they click on a link.  Add a 'Start Workflow' action to the 'Email Clicked' event (use a condition on 'Email Link ID' so that only the specific link triggers the action).  The workflow can send out a sequence of further emails for example.
  • Change the status to indicate the quality of the lead depending on email interactions.  Create statuses of 'Cold Lead', 'Warm Lead' and 'Hot Lead'.  Add 'Change Status' actions to events 'Email Clicked' and 'Email Replied'.  Use conditions to change the status depending on the current status.  If the lead is already 'Warm' and it is clicked again, make it a 'Hot Lead'.  If a particular link (such as pricing info) is clicked, make it a hot lead straight away.