What Are Conditional Filters?

You can add Conditional filters for each Lead Type Action  ie. Only do 'this action' if it matches the condition (maybe a specific status? a Specific source? Or a specific answer to one of your additional data fields?)  - plus many more besides.

Adding A Filter

We're going to add a filter to a Lead Type Action that sends one of our email templates to the customer at our bespoke status 'Welcome Pack Sent' - click the tab saying 'No Condition' 

Now Click the '+ Add New Condition' Button on the next screen. A selection option will be shown and here you can choose what to filter on. There's lots of options, which include checking the customers standard details, or any additional fields you have added to the Lead Group. We are choosing 'Status' in this instance.

A new selection option should now be shown; These are the parameters for the match – ie. 'is the value' – 'is not the value' – for numbers it could be 'less than' or 'greater than'. We are choosing 'is the value' – denoting the Status must match exactly the next field. Now in the last box, add the status 'Welcome Pack Sent'. Once you click the 'Update' button, your condition should look like the below

Note:Please be aware this must match exactly, we recommend copying and pasting the status so as to avoid spelling or case errors.

You can add more conditions. Using either 'or' or an 'and' instruction. 'Or' simply means that you could send the email at several different points – you could send it at 3 different statuses – Status1, or status2, or status3 trigger the email?

An 'And' instruction means the email will only send when both conditions are matched – you could send the email if the status is 'Welcome Pack Sent' and the second condition matches too – maybe the lead has come from a specific source/website? 

IMPORTANT:Please be aware that the 'Or' is not exclusive meaning that it can be any of the 'Or' Conditions. So if any of the 'Or' conditions are satisfied then the action would be carried out. All conditions are grouped into one set of conditions. 

So if you have Source is the value X AND Status is not the value Y OR Status is not the value Z, the action would be carried out if Source was X and Status was Z. This is because it satisfied the AND condition with Source being X,  and one of the OR conditions because Status was not value Y. 

IMPORTANT: you wont need 'Or' if your conditions are is not the value. You will need to use 'And'. For instance, Status is not the value 'contacted' AND status is not the value 'Callback'. Again these conditions are grouped into one set of conditions making sure that the system checks that the status is not contacted AND is not callback. 

You can apply conditional filters on any other action, or any part of a workflow.