There's a few things to set up if you want to refer leads to partners.  

Step 1:  Check Preferences

Check some of the settings as these determine what the partner will be able to do in their portal (XL edition). 

Go to 'Settings > Configuration > Preferences'. Under 'Partners', check the Partner Preferences.

  • If you're selling financial leads, you may want partners to provide you with their FCA authorisation number. Tick Allow partners to provide an FCA authorisation no. **
  • Selecting 'Allow pause/resume lead delivery' will provide a button in the partner's portal which let's them select 'online' or 'offline'. No leads will be delivered while the partner is offline.
  • Selecting 'Allow pause/resume lead delivery by text message' will allow partners to text LEADS ON or LEADS OFF to a short number which will activate or pause lead deliveries.
  • To allow partners to sign up directly the 'New Buyer Sign Up Interface', (explained below ***), make sure this option is enabled.
  • If you don't want partners to be able to change the lead types and locations that they're taking, deselect 'Allow buyers to change some buying settings'.
  • For Introducers who want to refer leads to you. You can help by selecting  'Allow introducers access to the Capture Leads tool'  they can capture leads directly through a website or through any system that can send XML data. There are 3 options (Iframe, Webform,API) . Careful ! the introducer can choose to submit leads to different lead groups. Any Lead Groups that have 'Allow introducers to refer to this group through portal' (In settings Lead Groups Edit> Under General Preferences) 
  • Selecting 'Allow introducers to create leads in any lead group' will provide a list of all lead groups to the introducer when they submit leads 

Note:  ** Before referring leads to partners, You may want to set the FCA number as required. For Each Lead type in Settings> Lead Groups> Lead Types> Edit. Click 'Show Partner Referral Settings'. Tick 'Require FCA Authorisation': Once this is set to required. Leads cannot be delivered until the FCA number is provided. 

The partner can add in their FCA number. In their account, click on Reports & Settings> Account Details [FCA Authorisation Number] . When a partner adds their FCA number.The user nominated in your account. Settings> Configuration> Preferences 'Send Email Notifications to' will receive an email with the FCA number. The partner won't be able to change it, but you can remove or change it under Partners > Details [FCA Authorisation Number]

Step 2:  Set Up Lead Types

You need to set some preferences on the the lead types that you want partners to be able to be referred:
  1. Go to 'Settings > Lead Groups > Lead Types' and edit the lead type that you want to be able to be referred.
  2. Click 'Show Partner Referral Settings'.
  3. Select the referral method:
    1. Deliver Immediately:  The lead will be referred automatically as soon as it's received.
    2. Deliver Manually:  The lead will only be referred manually or by a lead action or workflow.
    3. Set Appointments:  Use this option for leads that need to be set as appointments first, before being referred to the partner.  For example, home improvement leads, where your users will call the lead, set an appointment, and then refer that appointment to be handled by the partner.
    4. Telephone Transfer:  Otherwise known as 'Hotkey Transfer'.  The lead will be called first, and then when the customer is ready, transferred over the phone to the partner. You can find our article on how to transfer by Hotkey here
  4. The 'Lead Type Default Cost' is the amount that the partner will be charged for this lead type by default.  If the partner is able to select new lead types themselves in their partner portal, this is the amount they will be charged.
  5. 'Referral Scope' allows you to send a lead to multiple partners (sub leads).  For example, if you've chosen 'Set Appointments' and set the referral scope to 3, up to 3 appointments will be set for up to 3 separate partners.
  6. If you don't want partners to be able to add this lead type themselves in their portal, deselect the 'Allow Partner Self-Service' option.
  7. You'll need to repeat this for all your lead types.

Step 3:  Add Some Partners

OR allow a partner to sign up themselves (explained below)  OR Add a new partner in 'Partners > New Partner'. 

  1. Type in the partner's details. The minimum requirement is the 'Company Name' The account description and reference are optional and are not visible to partner. Click 'Continue', and you'll then see the partner's settings. 
  2. Select Partner Type:  'Leads will be referred to this partner' (if you are sending leads to this partner) or 'Leads will be introduced by this partner' (if this partner is sending leads to you) 
  3. Give the partner a credit limit. This will allow the partner to receive leads up to that credit amount. once the credit is used the delivery of leads will pause until the credit is raised or a payment is added. Add a payment to the partners statement to give them a credit balance. 'Partners > Statement' click 'Add Transaction'. (Allow the partner to add funds themselves through Paypal (either as the last step of the new buyer sign up process or through their portal).  We've got a separate article on how to set up Paypal)
  4. Next, add a lead delivery email address under 'Lead Delivery Settings'. To add more than one address. Separate the email addresses with a comma. 
  5. Tick 'Custom Email Delivery Template' if you'd like to send a custom email delivery notification to a partner . If this option is unticked our standard template will be used. You can see a copy of our standard template in Settings> Configuration> Email. Lead Delivery Email Template Subject & Body. Both options are sending a plain text email. If you want to send a HTML email you will need to set up a template email in Settings>Templates and add an action to email this to partner on event referred perhaps? . 
  6. Selecting 'Internet Delivery Enabled' will provide you with settings to deliver leads via an internet delivery using XML, Form Post, Soap (V1.1 / 1.2) or JSON . the partner should tell you which method and provide you with an example. 
  7. The Daily / Monthly lead limits will allow you to cap the number of leads you send to a partner daily or monthly.  (Enter 0 for no limit). Set a limit daily and monthly if you like. Leads will stop being delivered once the partner has reached either their daily or monthly limit.
  8. Set the delivery schedule  to Deliver 24 hours a day, 7 days a week or Deliver only at specified days / times 
  9. The Transfer Telephone Number should be complete if you wish to refer leads using hotkey / telephone transfer. This number will be displayed on screen when a lead is referred.
  10. Set a Low Funds Threshold:The partner will be notified by email when their balance reaches this amount. You can trigger a text alert too as long as enable text message alerts 'When funds are running low' is also selected. In which the partner would receive a text and email to notify them that their funds are running low. 
  11. In 'Partners > Referral Setup'. You can select which lead types you refer to the partner and in what location. When selecting locations, tick 'Select All Areas' or (Untick for More Options)You can also choose what to charge (per lead type) and when to add the charge 

You can allow a partner to sign up themselves (if you've enabled the 'New Buyer Sign Up Interface', explained above **). To allow partners to sign up directly, ask them to visit: https://<yourhostname>

When partners sign up themselves, they are set to 'Pending' until you activate their account.  To do so, go to 'Partners > Details', select the new partner, and change their status to 'Active'.

That's it!  Leads will now be referred automatically (if you chose 'Deliver Immediately' in lead type settings), otherwise you can manually start to refer leads, just go to the lead summary and use the 'Refer' menu option.

Troubleshooting:  Why Can I Not Refer Lead A to Partner B?

  • There are many factors that determine whether a partner is available to be referred a lead.  If you think a partner should be available for referral but isn't, a good starting point is the 'Partner Eligibility Report' in reports.
  • This report tells you if the partner is 'eligible', and if not, the criteria(s) that the partner fails on.  For example, they may not have credit, or may have hit their daily limit.
  • Of course it's also important to double check that the partner has the lead type and locations selected for the lead you're trying to refer. these can be checked in Partners> Referral Setup.
  • Remember that support is always here to help if you can't figure out what's going on, just get in touch.