Under the Referral menu, you can choose what you want to do with a lead

  • Unrefer - lets you revoke a previously referred lead from the buyer (without invalidating the lead or reversing transactions).
  • Redeliver - This resends the lead to a partner without recharging them
  • Reverse - Reverses all transactions (both introducer and buyer).
  • Reverse Introducer - Only reverses transactions to your introducer
  • Reverse Referral - Only reverses transactions to your referral partner
  • Return - A new returns (refunds) feature, details below.  This option allows returns to be started, decisioned, or cleared.

Intending to refer a lead elsewhere? 

If you have reversed or un-referred a lead with the intention of posting to another partner you should:

  • Click Reverse 
  • Reset Billing - (click edit lead. Under 'cost value and billing' select reset billing point)
  • Change Status back to new (to make sure when the referral happens the status changes and the charges get added) 
  • Click to refer