• A new buyer interface is available on the Xl edition (or above) for partner's to sign up to receive leads. 
  • Enable this permission in Settings>Configuration>Preferences> Enable new buyer sign up interface.
  • You can direct new businesses to your site buy adding /NewBuyer.php to your existingURL. i.e yourcompany.flg360.co.uk/NewBuyer.php.
  • When a buyer completes this form, a new partner account will be created on your FLG

The steps will take a partner through the sign up form which include

  • Company details (inc opening hours)
  • Creating a password - which will be used for their sign in details to sign into the portal 
  • The email address will be used to send email notifications as well as to sign into their portal. 
  • After completing these details the partner will be sent a confirmation email (below*)

  • A buyer selects the types of leads that they want to receive. 
  • A short description of the lead type and the cost (excluding VAT) is given.
  • To add/remove a lead type, go to Settings> Lead Groups> Lead Types Click Edit. Click 'Show partner referral settings' untick 'Allow Partner Self-Service' to remove a lead type
  • On the same screen you can set the Lead Type Default Cost: that shows the buyer the amount they will pay for each Lead Type

  • Partners can choose the postcode areas that they wish to receive leads for. (You can add/remove a postcode area in future). 
  • Select All Areas to select national targeting or specific areas for more specific postcodes 
  • You are able to select districts (such as NW1 and/or NW2 instead of the whole of NW) once you sign in to your account 

  • Payment, Before partners can begin receiving leads, they'll need to credit their account. They can do this by signing in selecting 'Add Funds' and following the instructions on how to pay 
  • If they pay by another method, you can click to add the payment Partners>Statement by adding the amount 
  • If a partner receives leads and is then invoiced (a post pay service) you will need to add a credit limit in Partners> Settings> Credit Limit before leads can be delivered.  
  • Paypal allows you to credit your account securely by credit or debit card: Paying by cheque/bank transfer can take up to 4 days, whereas payment through Paypal is almost instant ! this credit card processing is being handled by a trusted partner. We never have access to or store your credit card details. Invoices for all your payments will be available through Paypal. 
  • When completing these details, the partners can choose to do this later

* After completing the form, the partner will receive an automated email as follows. 
 This email will be sent from the email address listed in Settings > Configuration > Account details: 'Email Address'

  • You will also receive an email to notify you that a new buyer has signed up. This email will be sent to the person listed in Settings> Configuration > Preferences. Send Email Notifications to:
  • You will need to check the information and activate this account. Once your happy with settings just change the status of the partner to Active under Partner>Details 


It is possible to turn off the payment section on this sign up page. In Settings>Configuration>Payment Gateway. Untick "Enable Paypal" This will remove the payment tab from your New Buyer Sign up page

It is possible to display terms and conditions on your New Buyer interface. All you need to do is save your Ts & Cs document in the file manager in FLG (In Settings> File Manager). Ensure that you call the file: _Terms_of_Service and make sure the attached file is a PDF. This will then have the Terms& Conditions shown to New Buyers when they sign up.