Setting Up Hot Key Transfers

You can deliver leads by Hot key transfer. To set this up, go to Settings> Lead group> Lead type>Click Edit.
Click on show partner referral settings.


This will show hidden options. Under 'Referral Method', choose 'Telephone Transfer' from the drop down options.

Make sure that any partner's who are set up to get this type of lead have a transfer number set up in Partners> Settings 'Transfer Telephone Number':

Referring a lead by Hot Key Transfer 

Click the Referral button from a lead when you are ready to refer the lead. 

A Refer Lead - Telephone Transfer screen will appear. You can attempt to connect the call to the transfer phone number on screen.


Otherwise, select 'Transfer Failed

There's a record on screen of the transfer date & time, the outcome of the transfer and the transfer reference.

Can I search for a lead using the Hot Key Transfer return reference? 

Yes. Click the Filters button from Search Leads and select the Telephone Transfer Return Reference. Using 'is the value', you can search for the number.