The lead returns system allows a partner (or an internal user) to create a return request. Only Users that have permission to 'Enable unrefer, return & reverse leads' can handle returns and reverse transactions. You can configure the returns option in (Settings > Configuration > Preferences), Or within the lead group (Settings > Lead Groups > Edit). 

  1. You can set the feature to work the same across all lead groups (set it up within preferences only), or
  2. optionally set the feature to work differently for one, several or all lead groups (use the settings at lead group level).
Return a Lead 

A user can start a return by clicking 'Return' on the 'Referral' menu on the lead summary. If enabled, a partner can start a return by going into a lead within their partner area and clicking 'Return'. If you have ticked  'Allow other return reasons to be provided' in your return settings, when selecting 'Other Reason' a text box appears for the partner to add their return reason. Otherwise the partner can only choose from your return reasons that you have listed in your settings.

Partners will see the details of the return on their lead summary page, and also see an orange, red or green square (for Return Open, Return Declined and Return Accepted respectively) next to the lead's progress in Search Leads.

Viewing Returned Leads

The return request is notified by task to a user who is defined under 'Settings > Configuration > Preferences'. 'Returns'

You can also search for 'Open' returns within Search Leads, using the returns related filters under 'Add Filter', instead of sending a task to a user. For example Filter 'Return Status' is the value 'Open'
You also have the option to use 'Return Date' or 'Return Decision Date'

Return Decision

Once received, the return request can be accepted or declined, and additional information can be recorded against the return decision. The returns feature will also (optionally) email the introducer & referral partner, reverse transactions, and set the lead to your chosen status.

A user can deal with a return by clicking 'Decide Return' on the 'Referral' menu and following the prompts. The default selection for whether to send the introducer and referral partner an email can be changed in preferences, under 'Partners'.

Lead Returned Email

A partner receives an email when a lead return is accepted or rejected. The alerts for leads being returned are sent from the email address setup in Settings > Configuration > Account Details.

Here's a copy of an email that shows that a lead has been accepted as a return.