A Partner's Balance

When referring a lead, the partner's balance (inc. credit limit) is only considered where the billing is applied on 'accepted'. so you may find partners still receive leads where they have no balance if you are choosing to bill leads at a later sage i.e (Qualified / Conv).
Here's more details on billing points

Low Fund Notifications

A low balance alert can be sent to a user or partner. An alert will be sent when a partner falls bellow the balance you have set in Partners> Settings. Low Funds Threshold: £

  • A partner can be notified by email or by SMS. (Partners>Details>Email Address: / Mobile Phone Number:) To set  SMS alerts, Just tick 'Enable Text Message Alerts': 'When funds are running low' (In Partners>Settings)
  • In Settings> Configuration>Preferences, a user can be notified when a balance falls below: £ This notifies the selected user whenever any partner accounts reach a certain threshold I.e £100. A separate email will be sent for each partner.
The alerts for low funds sent to partners are sent once per day in the morning. You can set alerts by SMS or Email. (The email will be sent from the email address listed in Settings > Configuration > Account details: 'Email Address')

Once the partner has reached the low funds threshold, a flag will be set on that partner and no other notifications will be sent until that flag is reset. The flag is reset either by adding a manual payment or through a payment made via Paypal. 

If a partner fell below the threshold after 9:30 am, the alert would not be sent until the following day.

Here's a copy of an email that is sent to the partner which alerts them that they have low funds and must make a payment to continue to receive leads.
Here's a copy of the text that is sent to the partner alerting them that they have low funds and must make a payment to continue to receive leads.

Note: The low funds threshold considers the current balance on the partner's statement & their credit limit.

A partner has £50 balance and £200 credit limit, You want them to be notified when their balance falls below £100.  Just set the partners threshold to -£100. As they have £200 credit, when they run to -£100 with just £100 left to spend, they will then get an email/sms alert.

Credit Limit

Providing a credit limit is a good option when arranging a post pay service (Partners will take leads and be invoiced or charged at a later date) This will allow partners to receive leads up to their credit value entered. They would take leads and be charged £x until their credit limit runs outs or they have made a top up payment to bring their account up to date. Once the credit limit is used leads will stop being delivered until there are funds available again.

You can view the details of a list of partners and credit limits by going to Partners>Details. This automatically gives you the full list but you can filter using the drop down lists above or click 'Export' This will provide you will a list of all credit limits for your partners.