What are Billing Points?

Billing points are the point that a referred lead is charged. You can choose a single billing point for a partner or multiple points if your fee structure includes fees for providing the lead, qualifying it and converting it. 

How to Charge the Partner

If your partner pays for leads upon accepting them, you would set the billing point to accepted and whilst your lead is in a validated status, you would refer the lead to the partner who would be charged for it. If the lead has progressed past the billing point, the partner will not be charged but the lead will still be referred. 

If you have more than one status at the validated progress point the system will select the first one in your list.  Billing points only move forwards.

What Prevents a Partner from Being Billed?

There are a few things that will prevent the partner being billed.

  • The lead status is passed the billing point. If you bill your partner on Accepted but your leads status is at Contacted or a later point, then it would not be billed
  • The lead was referred but returned by the partner and you then refer it to another partner. You must reset the billing point (Edit Lead) before referring to the next partner.
  • The leads status was set to a status that is at an Invalidated conversion point before the lead has been referred. This will also set the leads billing point to invalidated so it must reset before its referred to the partner or the partner will not be billed.