Partner Type

A partner can be set as an Introducer (someone you buy leads from), a partner (someone you sell leads to) or both. The Lead Cost is the price you pay to an introducer and the Lead Value is the amount you sell the lead for.

Portal Access Level

You can choose what level of access your partner has in their portal. You can give a partner access to their account from the details page by creating them a password if you did not choose to send their log in details to them when setting the partner up for the first time.

Partners can be allowed to have access to search leads and view leads (only their own leads) as well as reports for their own leads, or you can choose to restrict it to only have access to search for and view leads or access to everything but search for and view leads.

You can also require the partner to access the leads after referral meaning the partner has to click the accept button on the lead referral before they actually get the full lead. And you can allow referral partners to update the status of the leads.

Credit Limit

Setting a Credit Limit means that your partner does not have to pay upfront to cover the cost of leads that they buy from you. You can use the PayPal Integration feature to allow partners to add payments to their account. This feature works for both Pre-Pay and Post Pay (Credit Limit) Partners.

Email Delivery

Partners can receive leads by Email and/or Internet delivery. With Email delivery, the partner will receive an email containing the lead details. You can also change the default template in Settings > Configuration > Email. The default Lead Delivery Emails are shown below.

Internet Delivery

We offer XML, JSON, SOAP (v1.1 and v1.2) and POST delivery methods. For each of the methods you can set the URL where the data is to be sent to and the body, which contains the data to be sent. The body is set according to your Partners API Guide and the lead data is inserted using our Template Variables.

Your partner should assist with any trouble shooting as it relates to their API however Pipedream can be a very useful tool as it can offer visibility of the Request & Response

Note: The SOAP & JSON methods do not support custom headers. You can only set the SOAP / JSON body. 

Lead Delivery Limits

A partner can have a Daily Lead limit and/or a Monthly Lead Limit. The daily lead limit sets how many leads a partner can receive per day and the monthly lead limit sets how many leads the partner can receive each month.

The partner cannot exceed either of these limits so be sure that your limits are relative if you use both limits. For example, if your partner had a monthly limit of 50 and a daily limit of 1, they would never receive 50 leads because there isn't 50 days in a month.

Note: Setting the limit to Zero disables the limit feature. 

Delivery Schedule

The delivery schedule provides you with the facility to set a weekly schedule for each partner. You can choose which days (Mon-Sun) to deliver leads and between what times on each of the days i.e (9am - 5pm).

Partner Contact Details

You can set the partners phone number, email address and transfer telephone number. The phone number and email address are used for the notifications. The transfer telephone number is used for Hot Key Transfers.

Text Alerts

You have the option to notify the partner by SMS when a lead has been referred to them and when the funds have reached the Low Funds Threshold.

Note: Text notifications are charged per message at your SMS rate. Standard rate is 8p per message. 

Low Funds Threshold

The low funds threshold is the amount that the balance can drop to or amount left on the credit limit. Please see our Partner Balance, Credit Limits and Low Funds Threshold article for further details.