Adding a Lead Type

Select which lead types will be delivered to the partner. Once you have clicked to add a Lead Type and selected a Lead Type from the list, you will then be taken to Location Targeting. This allows you to select what post code areas your partner will accept leads for. You can click on the individual post codes to drill down further to specific post code districts. If your partner accepts leads regardless of location, you can click Select All Areas.

Important: You must complete the Location Targeting before leads will be referred.

Once you have added a Lead Type, press Edit to change values for any of the below.

Can't see a Lead Type?

By default, lead types are not referable so you will need to enable the referral option. You will need to go to Settings > Lead Groups > Lead Types > Edit, to make the lead referable. You will need to amend the Lead Type Partner Referral Settings.

Billing on Accepted, Qualified and Converted

You can choose to bill a partner for a lead when the lead is Accepted (Upon referral unless the partner is required to accept leads in the Partner Settings), once the lead is qualified and when the lead is converted. You can set amounts for one or more of these options. The lead is charged to the partner based on the Billing Point.

A percentage of the Lead Cost value can also be added to the amount charged to the partner. The lead cost refers to the price that you paid for the lead and not what your partner pays.

Lead Type Daily Limit

The lead type daily limit allows you to set the limit for individual lead types. This does not override the limits set in the Partner Settings but should be relative to those settings.

For example,

If your partner has a daily limit of 10 but you want to ensure that they receive an even number of Lead Type A and Lead Type B, you would set the Lead Type Daily limit to 5, ensuring that the partner receives 5 of each Lead Type, fulfilling their overall daily limit of 10.

Lead Type Monthly Limit

The lead type monthly limit allows you to set the limit for individual lead types. Again this does not override the limits set in the Partner Settings and should be relative to those settings.

Selection Priority

The selection priority (SP) allows you prioritise lead types for selected partners. Partners with a higher SP will receive leads before ones with a lower priority. Leads are distributed between partners according to the Partner Referral & Distribution Rules.

Other Settings

Preventing the system from reverting to the default cost ensures that the partner will be charged based on the lead cost set for that partner.

Preventing the partner from managing this lead type will stop the partner from making any changes to the partner referral settings for the lead type.

Important: When a lead type allows partners to self service, preventing the system from reverting to the default cost will cause a partner to be charged Zero for a Lead Type until the costing is changed in the Partner Referral Set-up.