Prep: Are your Lead Types Referable?

If you haven't already set the referral method on your leads types, you will need to do this first. If you are unsure how to do this, please see our Setting Up Lead Types guide.

Step 1: Adding A Partner

You can set the partner up in Partners > New Partner or you can allow a partner to sign up directly using the New Buyer online form. If you are setting the partner up from your account, you will first need to complete the Partner Details section before moving on to steps 2 through to 4. The minimum requirement is the Company Name.

You can also choose to give the partner access to their on-line portal by either emailing their log in details (when prompted during set up) or by setting the password your self (post initial set up).

Step 2: Partner Settings

The next step is to complete the Partner Settings. You will need to select the partner type, portal access level, choose whether to set a credit limit or not, choose the delivery method and set up the delivery if you choose Internet Delivery, lead delivery limits, delivery schedule if applicable, low funds threshold and whether to send alerts.

Step 3: Partner Referral Set Up

After completing the Partner Settings, you will need to manage the Partner Referral Set Up which sets what leads the partner can receive, how much the partner pays for the leads, whether the leads default costs override the partners costings, when the partner should be billed for the lead (Billing Points), partner level lead limits, selection priority and whether the partner can manage the lead type from their account.

Step 4: Payment Methods

Partners can either have a Pre-Pay or Post-Pay style service. If your partner is to pay up front to be able to purchase leads, a payment needs to be added to the account before they can purchase leads. This can be done by either a user adding a transaction adjustment to the account (under the Statement tab on the partner) or via the PayPal Integration Service. This will give them a positive balance on the account that will allow them to purchase leads, which the partner is charged for based on the lead costings and Billing Points.

If your partner pays at a later date, perhaps they are invoiced monthly, you can provide the partner with a credit limit, which works in the same way as a bank overdraft. The account balance will be a minus figure and the partner can purchase leads until they reach the reach the credit limit. Again the leads are charged based on the lead costings and Billing Points.  If the parter uses all the available credit, a payment must be added to the account to pay off some/all of the credit limit. Again this can either be a manual transaction that is added to the statement or via the PayPal Integration Service.

Step 5: Partner Preferences

There are some partner preferences that may be of interest in Settings > Configuration > Under the Partners section.

If you're in the financial sector, you can ensure that a partner provides their FCA Authorisation number before receiving leads by enabling the 'Allow partners to provide an FCA authorisation no' preference. The partner can then add the number in Reports & Settings > Account Details, from their on-line portal. This applies to lead types that require the FCA Authorisation. See Setting Up Lead Types for further details.

'Allow pause/resume lead delivery' will provide the partner with a button in their on-line portal to set them self to offline/on-line. Please see Partner Referral & Distribution Rules for details on partner availability.

Enabling the New Buyer feature so that partners can sign up directly. Partners remain in a pending status until a user click to activate them in the FLG account.

Trouble Shooting

  • There are many factors that determine whether a partner is available to be referred a lead.  If you think a partner should be available for referral but isn't, a good starting point is the 'Partner Eligibility Report' in reports.
  • This report tells you if the partner is 'eligible', and if not, the criteria(s) that the partner fails on.  For example, they may not have credit, or may have hit their daily limit.
  • Of course it's also important to double check that the partner has the lead type and locations selected for the lead you're trying to refer. these can be checked in Partners> Referral Setup.
  • Remember that support is always here to help if you can't figure out what's going on, just get in touch.