First decide where to set your duplication settings (There are two areas in your account where duplication settings can be applied).

The main duplication settings: Settings>Configuration>Preferences “De-duplication” Selecting this option will mean that all leads entering the system will be checked againstthese settings.

The Lead Group settings: Settings>Lead Group>Edit Group ”De-duplication” This allows you to set different duplication settings per Lead Group.

In each Lead Group, you can select: 'Use main De-duplication settings' or enable the duplication settings so each group is unique.

For both duplication settings, you have the option of: 
  • Disabled. No action to check for duplicates and no linked leads will occur. 
  • Enable against all leads - All the leads that arrive in the system will be checked using the duplication options you select below 
  • Enabled against leads in past i.e 30 days - Only leads that arrived in the last 30 days will be checked using the duplication options you select below. You can set this to any number of days. 
    Caution!: If a lead is received Wednesday 11 am, and you had 'enable duplication in the past 2 days'. This would check the leads received from Monday 11am up to Wednesday 11am  

There are three actions you can take:

  • 'Don't accept the lead' - The lead will not be accepted (this option is not advised where lead providers post to this group you should accept the lead and add actions to request a refund from that provider)
  •  Accept the lead and link to duplicate (this will link all duplicate leads together)
  •  Accept the lead, link to duplicate and copy details (this will accept the lead link to duplicate's and copy over the contact details from the new lead overwritten on the oldest leads).
The De-Duplication field settings will link the leads together based on the rules you set below: 
  •  Name  
  •  Company 
  •  Telephone 
  •  Email 
  •  Address 
One or several of these options can be selected:  (Just consider the name field can sometimes be misleading for popular names I.e John smith) 
  • When selecting the Address fields this takes into consideration both the clients 1st line of the address and the postcode. (both must match)
  • Selecting Telephone fields checks against the main number and alternate number on each lead – careful if only one of these are present.
The final part is to decide which rules you want? 
  • Match any field (flags as a duplicate when any of the fields above match) 
  • Match all fields (only flags a lead as a duplicate when all the fields you selected are a match) 
  • Only match leads in the same lead group  
  • Only match leads with the same lead type 
Your duplication settings will automatically link the Duplicate leads for you. You may want to consider adding some Lead Type Actions in a Lead Type when a lead comes in as a duplicate. 
i.e Go to Settings>Lead Group>Lead Types>Edit>Add New Action(down at the bottom left)>Change Status>“Duplicate”>on Event>Received & Duplicate (you will need to add the status in that Lead Group) Or Add a Lead Type Action>Assign To User>[Assigned To Linked Lead]>On Event>Received & Duplicate (this action assign's the duplicate lead to the assigned user of the first lead already in the system).