• Text Message have a maximum 160 Characters: A template containing more than 160 characters can be saved but may be truncated before being sent. This is because templates can contain variables and the final character count won't be known until variables have been replaced with real values.
  • It is possible to send text messages in whatever case you want, i.e entirely upper case. If a text message is being sent as all upper case, this will be picked up and any substituted variables will be in upper case too, so that the message doesn't look odd.
  • Send text messages: Manually – From a lead just click New> Text message where you can free type a text message or choose from a template. In Bulk - from search leads using bulk actions, From a workflow - which will send the text message automatically. Or from your lead actions - set to trigger automatically at a certain point I.e status change. Set these in Settings> Lead Groups> Lead Types > Edit > click to add an action to trigger a text message. 
Reply Text Messaging 
  • If you are using FLG's XL Edition, you can set up inbound Text messaging. This will enable your customers to reply to the text messages they receive.
  • Reply messages then display on the user's homepage in the same way that reply emails do. 
  • When a reply text comes in, the reply will be assigned to the user who sent the text message rather than the lead's assigned user.
Contact Partner / Users via text message
  • You can send notifications to your partners via text message. Set up text message alerts when a partner is referred a lead or when funds are running low. Set this up in Partners> Settings> Under Lead Delivery Settings, tick your options under "Enable Text message alerts"
  • It's also possible to 'Contact Partner' or 'Contact User' as a lead type or workflow action. That means the text message will go to the chosen partner or the assigned (or to a specific) user.
Receive Leads by Text Message 
  • By setting up a text message short code, leads can be created by asking potential customers to send a text message with a keyword (and their name) to a 'shortcode'. 
For example, you could choose a keyword of 'LOAN', in which case the potential customer 'John Smith' would text 'LOAN JOHN SMITH' to 607060. 
  • This would create a lead with John's mobile number as the contact telephone number and the Name as John Smith.
  • A first name and a last name are not compulsory as they can be replaced by unknown. For example, If John Smith just text 'LOAN' to 607060, this would create a lead with John's mobile number as the contact telephone number and the Name as 'Unknown Unknown'. 


  • If you bought keyword 'Loan', It doesn't matter if you text 'LOAN' or 'loan' (capitalisation doesn't matter. Either of these options would create a lead.) 
  • If you just text 'Loan' we will add unknown & unknown in the first & last name (be careful on duplication settings here!)
  • If John Smith Text 'LOANJOHNSMITH' (no spaces) A lead would be created with JOHNSMITH as the first name. Unknown as the Last Name. Equally if John text 'LOANJOHN SMITH' a lead would be created with JOHN as the first name and SMITH as the Last Name
  • Receiving leads by text can be done on a normal phone number (or a keyword number) – Note: the number to receive leads will be a different one to that which receives replies. 

To get started

  • Just choose or obtain a short code text message number such as “60-70-60” and a keyword.
  • Once the number is acquired, you will need to select which lead group to add these in to.
  • FLG will then configure your account to receive leads by text message

Frequently Asked Questions

Is it possible to create a lead in FLG using my own short code supplier?

Yes you will need to use our API. Give your supplier the details in Tools> Capture Leads> From a website> Continue. Select the capture method API.
Can we disable the pause delivery by text message for partners?Yes In Settings> Configuration> Preferences. You can pause/resume lead delivery by text message. Just make sure you have "Allow pause/resume lead delivery" ticked and underneath untick the option "Allow pause/resume lead delivery by text message" - Leave this unticked to disable this feature. Please note: if you are enabling partners to pause delivery of leads via text. The request must come from the number listed in the partner's details.
Can we save money on text messages depending on volumes we sendCommit to sending a minimum number of text messages each month to access discounts against our regular text messaging rates.see http://flg360.co.uk/editions/packs-services.php