Add updates and log activity onto a Lead in FLG. Here we will cover a 'Telephone Call', 'Note',Task or Event. >

  • Search for a lead using the box below. (use their Lead ID,Name,Company Name,Email Address,Address,Telephone number).

  • Click the 'New' button on the Lead Summary Page

  • Select the desired option from the drop down. In this case we have chosen a 'Telephone Call'.

  • Enter the details of a conversation you have had with the lead in the large box.
  • Use the 'Insert Outcome' button for set outcomes – (these are editable)
  • Simply click the 'Create' button to add the call to the Lead.

  • You could also tick the box next to the words 'Create a' to add another interaction such as setting a task, or sending an email... We've selected create a task.
  • On the Task you will be able to set a specific time for the Task.
  • Click on the calendar and this will pop up a calendar for you to quickly select the right day/date
  • + Add an End Date/Time - this will change your Task to an 'Event'. events have a start and end time so you can block your calendar for a 2 hour appointment for example. (A task just gets a start date)
  • You can also choose to assign this to another user using the tick box at the bottom

…..once you have added a series of interactions your lead will begin to build a history such as :