Here we will cover how to send a text message.
  • Search for a lead using the box below. (use their Lead ID,Name,Company Name,Email Address,Address,Telephone number). 

  • click the 'New' button on the Lead Summary Page 

  • Select the desired option from the drop down. In this case we have chosen to send a Text message.
  • Enter the text you wish to send to the lead, or choose a template message
  • You have a limit of 612 characters per text message. 
  • Careful when using variables these are often replaced with longer words i.e {LEAD_ADDRESS} could be replaced with Flat 2, 112 The high Street (which is more characters)
  • Messages over 160 characters will be sent as multiple text messages (up to 4) but will appear to the recipient as one message. 
  • Please note that to send a text message the lead details must contain a valid UK mobile number.