If you have added a new lead but are presented with the error :

"The lead could not be accepted as it does not meet the minimum acceptance criteria for this lead group (or there are no lead types to select from in this group)"

You may be getting this error due to:

  • Having no Lead Types: Check in Settings > Lead Groups > You must have at least one lead type for the lead to drop into
  • If you have Lead Types set up, it's because the details you are adding do not match the conditional filtering you have set. In setting > Lead groups > Lead Types. Check the Conditional Filtering. The lead you are entering should match at least one of the Lead Types's conditional filters.

Note: it's always best for you to have a lead type set with no conditional filters and list this at the bottom of your lead type list. That way if a lead is sent and doesn't match any lead type you wont lose any leads because they cannot be saved.

If you have added a new lead but are presented with the error (above) :
You are getting this error due to the duplication that you have set up. You can:

  • Click Submit this lead anyway - this will allow you to override your duplication settings and save the lead
  • Or, you can click on the links to search the system for all matching records with i.e that 'Name'

If you prefer to relax, view or change your duplication settings (to allow duplicates rather than reject them) and of course avoid the error above, you change these settings in:

  • Settings> Lead Groups> Edit Group > Under General Settings> you can edit "De-Duplication" preferences
  • You may have your duplication settings set in Settings> De-Duplication. 

To learn more about Duplication settings see our De-Duplication Settings article.