Select User from the drop down at the top of the home page (only available for users with manager permissions) to view the user’s task list.

Click ‘Bulk Actions’ and then ‘Redistribute’. You can choose to send all the tasks to a specific person or group.

Press ‘Continue’

Click the ‘Assign Lead to User’ option if you would also like the selected User to be assigned to the lead.



Q: Can I choose to distribute between different users?
A: You can distribute to a user group or you can click 'Filters' , type a keyword(s) i.e. Upsell, and then 'Apply Filter' to filter the tasks that you will be distributing. 

Q: What if I can't see the user drop down box?
A: You would either need an admin user to change your permissions (Settings > Users > Edit. Under the Teams section, check the relevant options). Alternatively, a user with sufficient permissions would need to perform the task for you. 

Q: What happens if I distribute to a User Group?
A: The leads would be distributed based on the User Group settings. See User Groups for more information.