Track the progress of your leads by using statuses. You can customise a list of statuses. When you want to move a lead to the next stage (status) just click the Status button on a lead.  

To Add, Edit or Delete a Statuses 

To add, edit or Delete a status navigate to Settings > Lead Groups > Statuses. From here you will be able to add, edit or delete a status.

Positioning Statuses 

The statuses can be positioned using the green arrows shown next to each of the statuses. The up/down arrow when pressed will move the status up/down by 1 each time that it is pressed. The statuses will appear in the order that is shown on the lead itself but in Bulk Actions, it will show the statuses in alphabetical order.

Conversion Points

Each status has a conversion point that indicates what point a lead is at in a lead's life cycle. The different points are New, Valid, Contacted, Qualified, Converted, Invalidated and Closed. The open conversion points are shown at the top of your dashboard/homepage giving you an at glance view of the number of leads at each point.

The closed conversion points (invalid and closed) are not shown but you can view them by applying the All Closed status filter in Search Leads.

If you'd like to make something happen when you change the status of a lead (i.e send an email when you change the status to 'appointment' for instance). Use the lead type action guide simply setting your event: 'Status changed'  just add a condition to say which status.