What are Lead Types? 

The Lead Type is sub category/product of the Lead Group. Your lead group is the main Category/Product. The Lead Group sets what information can be captured so all your Lead Types should use the same fields.

Example 1: Insurance (Lead Group) > Motor (Lead Type), Motorbike (Lead Type)
Example 2: Holidays (Lead Group) > Sun Destinations (Lead Type), City Destinations (Lead Types)

Adding a Lead Type

To add a new lead type go to: Settings > Lead Groups > Add New Lead Type.

You will need to give the lead type a name and a description. You can also set the Partner Referral options here by clicking on Show Partner Referral Settings.

Partner Referral

By default, lead types are not referable so you will need to enable the referral option.

Referral Method: There are four delivery options available:

  • Deliver Immediately, which will distribute the leads upon receiving them.
  • Deliver Manually, which allows the user to Refer the lead to a specific partner.
  • Set Appointments, which allows you to enter an appointment date and time upon pressing Refer on he lead.
  • Telephone Transfer, which is used for Hot Key Transfers

Note: All delivery options are subject to Partner Referral & Distribution Rules 

Lead Type Default Cost: The default cost of the lead can be set to ensure that a partner is charged a certain amount for the lead. The default cost is the amount charged for partners who add the Lead Type via Self Service from their account. The lead cost per partner can be set and you can prevent the default cost being charged in the Partner Referral Settings, for individual partners.

National Cost Variation: This allows you to set a value for the lead when referred to a partner with National Targeting set for that lead type.

Referral Scope: The referral scope allows you to set how many times a lead can be referred. A sub lead is created for each referral when 'Always allow referral to multiple partners' is ticked otherwise, a sub lead is only created for each referral after the first.

This also applies to the Set Appointments delivery method, allowing to refer the lead to multiple partners with a specified appointment date and time. The appointment can be different per partner.

Restrict Location Targeting:  Allows you to restrict what Location Targeting the partner can select when adding the lead via Self Service. If Local is selected, the partner can only select local areas. National allows the partner to select all Post Codes.

Allow Partner Self-Service:  Enabling this allows a partner to add the lead type to their Referral Set up via their portal.

Require FCA Authorisation:  This will prevent partners from receiving leads of this type unless they have an FCA Authorisation number present in their Partner Details. 

Conditional Filtering

Conditional Filters allow to restrict what leads are placed within the lead type.

Lead Actions

You can Add Lead Actions to lead types to perform simple single actions based on different events. An auto responder and starting a workflow are examples of a lead actions.