What Are Tasks and Events?

Tasks can be used to schedule appointments, call backs, reminders etc. They provide you with alerts and prompts, which appear on your dashboard so you don't miss them! Tasks are shown on the dashboard.

Events are basically tasks with end dates and they behave almost identically. You can use them for appointments, meetings, all day events, etc. You can defer them by clicking the word 'Event' in the task stream/lead summary, you can prioritise them, you can choose to receive email reminders when they're due, etc.

Creating and Scheduling Tasks

To create a task in a lead, select New > Task. You can choose the date and time for when the task is due otherwise it will default to the current date and time and be due immediately. There is a drop down option provided with a list of pre-defined options. The pre-defined options will be added to the current date and time unless stated otherwise below.

Pre-defined Scheduling Options with Specific Times

Tomorrow Morning (Due at 9 AM the next day)

Tomorrow Afternoon (Due at 1 PM the next day)

Tomorrow Evening ( Due at 6 PM the next day)

You are able to add a message/description to your task i.e. Call Mrs Smith back to check if she would like to go ahead. We also have a set of auto text options to make life easier. You can choose to insert one of these options into the description/message area by clicking Insert Text. These options are shown below. 

Save Task and Create New Item


Telephone Call

Text Message

Email, Letter



You can choose to prioritise a task that it more important that your other tasks. Tasks that are prioritised will be placed above your other tasks on your dashboard. The tasks will also be highlighted as a priority task so that they are clear. 

 You can choose to use our pre-defined deferring options to make deferring tasks quicker and easier than editing the task and re-setting the date and/or time. Click the word 'Task' on the task summary on the lead or your dashboard and you will see the options which are shown below.

Traffic Light System

We use colour coding to indicate when the tasks are due. 

Red - Over Due - Tasks are highlighted Red once they are over due

Amber - Due Soon - Tasks are highlighted Amber from an hour prior to being due 

Green - Up Coming - Tasks are highlighted green when they are not due yet.

Redistributing Tasks

If a user has left, of work or no longer dealing, you may want to pass one user's tasks to another user or user group. The redistribute tasks feature allows you do to this. If you have the relevant  manager/team permissions you can select the user from the drop down at the top right of the page to view their dashboard and at the bottom click 'Bulk Actions' > Redistribute.