Calendar Views

The calendar comes with a few different viewing options. You can choose to view Tasks only, Events only or All Items. You can also choose to view the Month (default view), Week or Day. With the correct permissions (discussed below) you can view other user's calendars as well. 

Calendar Access 

You can choose to give users access to all other user's calendars or just users within the same user group allowing them to see each other's tasks and events allowing you to work more efficiently. You can enable this feature in:

Settings > Users > Edit. Under the 'Teams' section, tick 'Enable access to availability calendar of other users'. To restrict to users in the same group, tick 'Only access availability of users own group(s)'

Note: Unless you tick 'User can see full details of other user's tasks/events' only the dates/times and the priority is shown when viewing another users calendar tasks/events. Ticking 'Enable as a team manager' will automatically enable calendar availability and full access options.

Exporting the Calendar Tasks

The calendar tasks can be exported to an iCal file which is supported by most popular calendar applications. The export includes the task description, due date and summary of which client the task relates to (including reference number).