General Details:
  • To set up users go to Settings > Users > Add New user 
  • Each user added to FLG will require a licence and each user may have separate user permissions 
  • To change the users permissions, just click Edit
  • To copy a user's permissions, click Clone - This will copy all the user permissions across to another user you are creating 

Ticking any of the following options permits the selected function. Any options left un-ticked will not be permitted. We'll describe the effect of having each option ticked to help you decide. We also have an article that covers User Permissions (View Changes), which shows how what the user see's changes on screen with certain permissions. 

Send Email Notifications:

  • When assigned a task/event by another user:  An email will be automatically sent to the user using the address you have listed (in the user set up above). The email alerts the user when a task or event has been set by another user. The email contains the task details, when the task is due, and which user set the task. there's a link in the email to view the lead too. Please note this is a system email and cannot be changed. When creating new users, This option is “switched off” by default.
  • When assigned an email or text message: Choose to notify the user when an email or text reply is allocated to them. The email is sent straight away and advises that an email or text message reply is now assigned to this user. Details of the text and email are provided and a link to view the lead. 
  • When a task/event Is due soon: Choose to receive email notifications of tasks/events that are due soon. These will be sent approximately 1 hour before each task is due (1 per task). The email contains the task details, when the task is due, there's a link in the email to view the lead too. Please note this is a system email and cannot be changed.  When creating new users, This option is “switched off” by default
  • User Active: This simply permits a user to sign in when "User Active" is ticked. Please note this has no relevance to removing users from user groups or users being allocated leads. 

Access to Leads

  • Enable Create Leads – A user will be able to add leads on to the system
  • Enable Delete Leads - A user can delete leads from the system, Please note the leads are permanently deleted !
  • Enable Pick up leads - A user will be able to take leads which are unassigned and then assign the lead to themselves. The functionality is useful if you want users to pick extra leads to deal with when they are ready rather than being assigned specific amounts of enquiries.
  • Enable View Leads 
  • View all Leads
This shows all leads in any group, any lead type assigned to any user. 
  • View only self assigned leads
This will only show leads assigned to the user. No other leads can be accessed 
  • View only group assigned leads 
The user can only see leads in the system which are assigned to themselves or assigned to other users in their user group. For example: A user group "sales" is created which includes three users. The user can now see their assigned leads and the other two users in the group. CAREFUL! some users can be part of one or more user group(s) and this would also share any of those leads assigned to that user. 
  • View only partner associated leads 
A user can be associated to a partner (scroll down passed user permissions to "Associated Partners" tick the associated partner). the user will now only see leads which have been referred or introducer by the associated partner. 

Managing Leads

  • Enable print view lists of leads (and paging) - This will list all lead details displayed on search leads and provide the permission to print out the lists of leads shown in search leads. 
  • Enable export leads & lead activity - This will download all records from the system into a CSV format spreadsheet. The spreadsheet will contain ALL contact information and ALL activity i.e call notes, emails & more. This doesn't delete records just pulls out the information from the system.
  • Enable bulk actions - Bulk actions can be used from search leads to form multiple “actions” on mass enquiries. I.e send multiple emails or texts, assign all leads to a particular user, delete all leads, change the status of all leads (there's no undo so careful who has the permission to carry out bulk changes that can be made to all records in your system) 
  • Enable edit lead details - Will permit a user to change contact details/make changes to lead details
  • Enable view/reset billing point – When a billing point is reset it cancels or annuls any transactions that have previously occurred.
  • Enable view/edit lead cost - The cost field usually holds the price you paid for the lead or the cost for the lead this information might be private and not shared with all users. The ability to change the amount might mislead your reports if it's changed incorrectly. 
  • Enable view/edit lead value -  The value field usually holds the amount you have charged when the lead is referred to a third party or the amount you have made from a sale. This information might be private and not shared with all users. The ability to change the amount might mislead your reports if it's changed incorrectly. 
  • Enable add notes, emails, tasks & other items – Allows a user to record any activity on a lead.
  • Enable delete notes, calls & documents – Any Note call or document can be deleted in which the history of the leads activity would be permanently deleted.
  • Enable change user - This will allow the user to assign their leads to another user and also to assign other users leads to them self.
  • Enable change lead type - This will allow a user to change the classification of a lead. For each lead group you have a lead type so If a lead was received into a "Car insurance" group the lead type could be changed from "Third party" to "Fully Comp". Be careful. The lead type controls automated actions.  
  • Enable change status - This would allow a user to move the stage of a lead which would have an effect on your reporting or searching results as well as lead actions that trigger events based on status changes. 
  • Enable edit introducer - This will change the details held for where a lead originated. 
  • Enable edit source details - Allows the user to change the associated site, the source reference, or the marketing source/medium/term when editing a lead.
  • Enable view introducer/source fields & details - Unticking this permission will hide introducer and source fields when adding a lead, searching for leads, and from the lead summary, details, and quick view. Note that it doesn't hide the field from export files, or if introducer is set up as a column on the search leads page.
  • Enable partner referral - Allows a user to refer a lead to a buyer and as a consequence can bill or charge the buyer.
  • Enable unrefer, return & reverse leads - This will allow a a user to use the Referral button on the lead when this button is pressed any transactions that have occurred (charging a buyer and paying an introducer) will reset the billing. The Referral button accesses 
  • Unrefer
Let's you revoke a previously referred lead from the buyer (without invalidating the lead or reversing transactions).
  • Return
The return option allows returns to be started, decisioned or cleared
  • Reverse
Reverses all Transactions (both introducer and buyer) OR
 - Reverse (Introducer) - Reverses only introducer transactions.
 - Reverse (Referral) - Reverses only buyer transactions
  • Enable view/manage linked leads - Allows the user to see any leads that are linked to other leads they have permission to see. As an example if you had view only self assigned leads selected above, the user can only see their own leads but with view linked leads selected they now can see linked leads that may be assigned to other users. 
  • Enable access to forms from lead summary - Forms allow you to display information to a user, and also to save responses against a lead. By making this form accessible from the lead, you are making the form available for a user to access whenever they want from a 'Forms' button on the lead summary. If you don't select the 'make this form accessible from the lead summary' the form will only be available for use within workflows or prompted by lead actions.  

  • Enable user to send messages to other users - users can message all other users internally. (not partners)
  • Enable access to availability calendar of other users - Allows users to view all other users calendars (which will highlight any tasks or events that are set) 
  • Only access availability of users in own group(s) - Allows users to view other users calendars (only users in their own group)  
  • User can see full details of other user's tasks/events - Allows Tasks and events shown through the calendar but not to see the users dashboard where leads can be redistributed
  • Enable as Team Manager – This will allow a user to have a Drop Down menu on the home screen which can revert to any of the users home screen, they will be able to view other users tasks /appointments, reassign leads using the Redistribute tasks and view other users conversions,
  • Only manage users in own group(s) - will allow the above option(s) but only allow the settings to include users held in the same user group. This would not permit full access to full users.


  • Allow user to manage settings – This will enable a user to have a settings tab on their homepage, this will allow them access to the lead group and lead types, to set up data capture, to add/change lead actions, to set partner delivery settings, to amend user settings including permissions, to set up templates and forms, to add documents, and other settings on your account such as branding, access keys, etc
  • Enable user to access tools  - This will enable the user to Import leads in bulk, to update leads in bulk and to print mail. 
  • Enable user to manage partners - This allows a user to view (and amend) partner details including contact details for partners, which leads the partner provides or receives and at what cost. The user will have permission to change delivery scheduling such as times leads can be delivered and also to change the credit limit set up.
  • Only manage associated partners – Only allows the user to see the above details but only for partners they are associated to under their permission settings.
  • View partner statements and add transactions -This would permit the user to see partner statements and any transactions associated to leads. This will include being able to add on transactions (charges for leads) or to make refund any charges) 
  • Enable access to Reporting – This would provide the user with a reporting menu. it's important to note that ALL reports can then be accessed rather than just being able to view a selection. The report contain details on Introducer(s), buyer(s) lead cost(s) lead value(s), user statistics, profit and marketing evaluation.

Password & Access Restrictions 

  • Restrict by IP Address(es) -To use this feature you must be using a "fixed IP" address. Contact your ISP if your unsure. It's possible to restrict a user's access to one or many IP addresses. Just enter the IP address under “Password & Access Restrictions' . (if your IP address rotates between a few IP addresses, enter a comma to separate the list of IP addresses). Leave the box blank to continue to allow the user to sign in from any IP address. 

Note that although relatively difficult, it is possible to detect and 'spoof' IP addresses, so IP address restrictions should be enabled alongside strong passwords.