Businesses often have different departments. For distribution of work between departments you can create user groups.  i.e (Admin.Tele-Sales, Advisors, Sales Reps) ~ whatever you like really.
Each user can be included in a user group (or in more than one if you need!)
  • Add your user groups in Settings> User groups> Add new user group. 
  • Once you have created a group you can then click "select users" to be part of the group. 
  • Click “Edit” to set rules for the user group.

First select the Lead Distribution Method. This can be set randomly or sequentially  (One to A, one to B, one to C and so on) . 

Delivery Limits 

Within user groups, you can set a limit on the number of leads that can be assigned to each user in this group, The limits can be set daily or monthly by entering the daily or monthly limit for each person. 

  • It is possible to add both daily and monthly limits.  
  • Leads will stop being delivered to a user if either the daily or monthly limit is reached. (whichever is reached first) 
  • If all users hit their limits, the lead will not be assigned to anyone (so please make sure you have at least 1 user who won't hit a limit)
  • Enter zero for a user with no limit. 
  • Note: **Limits do not apply to picking up leads** (If a user clicks to pick up a lead. This limit will not be affected) 
Lead Pick Up Statuses
  • You can enable users in this user group to pick up leads from selected status, for different lead groups. (different types of enquiries).
  • Make sure the user has permission to pick up leads (in Settings>Users Permissions) 
  • To set up which statuses can be picked up, Click on Select statuses. Only tick the statuses you want users to pick up
  • Only leads which are unassigned can be picked up. 

Distributing leads to a user group sequentially

Assigning leads to a user group set sequentially, should literally distribute the leads in a round robin, 'one to you, one to you etc). Let's look at an example of a user group set sequentially with four users. (Tom, Stephanie, Lewis & Denise) These leads were distributed in the flowing order between 1pm and 2pm. 

Tom  13:10:00
Stephanie 13:13:00
Lewis 13:20:00
Denise 13:29:00
Tom  13:35:00
Stephanie 13:40:00
Lewis 13:43:00
Denise 13:47:00

In this instance, they each get two leads. Tom would receive a lead next. 

There's only ever a few reasons why the order above may change and that's either: 

  • A user was removed from the group.  
  • A user was added to the group 
  • A user reached a daily limit 
  • A user reached their monthly limit 
Note: If the sequential rule of assigning leads above doesn't happen, this could be because:

A user can be assigned a lead outside the rule of assign to user group for example:
  • Duplication rules - Assigning a lead to a user based on duplication settings.
  • If a user added the lead, this lead could be assigned to them (based on rules i.e assign to user on event received (user)).  In this case, assigning leads outside the User group doesn't affect the groups daily or monthly limits. 
  • If you Re-assign the leads