If your connection to FLG seems slow or you see frequent errors, you can use these steps to try to diagnose the problem (or at least provide us with the information we need to help out).

Firstly, please check that the FLG service is operational and there are no known issues.  To do this, visit our status page and look out for any notices.

Before contacting us, please take this steps to diagnose the problem yourself:

  • Try clearing your web browser's cache (try a Google search if you need to know how).  Sometimes, restarting your computer and router/modem might also help.
  • If possible, try using FLG in another browser or on another computer and see if you still have the same problems.  If this solves it, make sure you have the latest version of your internet browser and operating system.
  • If you use antivirus or other firewall/proxy/parental control software, try temporarily disabling it and see if the problems persist.
  • Sometimes, backup software can utilise a lot of bandwidth and slow down connections to FLG and other internet sites.  If you use a continuous online backup service, try switching it off temporarily and see if that helps.
  • On corporate networks, ask the network administrator to check for websites that are blocked that FLG might need access to.  It's always best to use a blacklist rather than whitelist approach (i.e. allow all connections, except to certain sites).
If the above checks don't help, please stop any downloads (or streaming of videos/sound) before running these tests:
Once you have the details above, please contact customer support so we can try to help you further.

We may ask you to run a 'WinMTR' test.  Here's how:
  1. Do a Google search for 'whats my ip'.  Take a note of the 'public IP address' that Google gives you.
  2. Go to https://winmtr.en.uptodown.com/windows and download WinMTR
  3. Run WinMTR and type in 'platform.flg360.co.uk' as the host.
  4. Click start and leave WinMTR running for 10 minutes.
  5. Click 'Export TEXT' and save the file.
  6. Please send us your IP address and the exported WinMTR file.