FLG Reporting offers a mix of pre-defined templates. See Available Reports for a full range of templates. 

FLG Insights provides access to most popular template reports (that can be customised, scheduled or shared) plus the ability to run custom reports. This is included when using our XL Edition (or above). 

Using Insights, you will have the following benefits.
  • Create custom reports
  • Schedule Reports
  • Share Reports
  • Export Reports in different formats (CSV, PDF)
  • Display reports in different formats (Charts, Lists and graphs)
  • Report on any additional field
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There are many differences between original reports and Insights
  • Some Template reports are not available in Insights (Partner reports i.e Partner Postcode Detail Report & Lead Referral Partner Report (Multiple) and the Audit Report)
  • Insights currently doesn't offer a [Printing] option. You can use inbuilt options from your browser Or Export a report and print from there. 
  • Insights doesn't inc reports that contain sub leads (eg. Lead Referral Partner Report) - See Reports Summary for a list of those reports that include sub leads. 
  • The default date range using Insights is always [This month] - whereas the default date range in Reports is the one set in Settings> Configuration> Preferences> Default Date Range: i.e [This Year].
  • Pinned Reports. - Using Reports, you have the option to share with all users or just yourself. Pinning a report in insights will share the report with ALL users.
  • Queue Reports - This would automatically happen where reports took longer to run. If you used this option to email a report once complete you can instead use the Share report option in Insights
  • Some Reports i.e Lead Total Summary offer a [View Leads] button which allows you to view the leads from search leads. Insights does not include this
  • Some reports allow you to change the date of a report. (From the date the lead was received to the date the lead was referred) Insights does not include a [referral date] option,
  • Some Reports include a total column. Insights allows you to add totals (and limits) to any report. See how
  • There are subtle differences when using certain date ranges. For instance: 
Using 'Last 7 days' in Reports would be the last FULL 7 days (from yesterday back 7 days). Using 'Last 7 days' in Insights would literally be 7 days, including today. 
Using 'Last 30 days' in Reports would be the last FULL 30 days (from yesterday back 30 days). Using 'Last 30 days' in Insights would literally be 30 days, including today.   
Using 'Last 3 Months' in Reports would be the last FULL 3 Months If you ran this on 10th October 2018, reports would provide the data (from 01/07/2018 - 30/09/2018). However, when using 'Last 3 Months' in Insights, the data would be including today  (from 15/07/2018 - 15/09/2018).
  • There are more options using Insights. eg: You can filter by lead group (Is not the value) which gives you more than one lead group. - Original reports only offer (Is the value) which meant reporting one lead group at a time.