Funnel charts use the same data as funnel reports but presented via a graphical representation.

Funnel charts are similar to any other report so it's possible to download, share and schedule the report amongst many other things. Take a look at the full help site for lots of help and advice which is also relevant to funnel charts.

New funnel charts can be opened in the same way as other reports from the  New report button on the homepage. Funnel charts can also be opened from the funnel. This associates the funnel chart with the current funnel.

  1. From the funnel designer, click the New funnel report button.

  2. Select one of the funnel chart templates All report templates will be shown below a horizontal grey line.

  3. Customise the funnel chart, if required.
  4. Click the Run report button to generate the report results.

Tip: A funnel chart must be valid to display data. If there is no data then it's possible that the funnel has not yet collected data or the funnel behaviour options need adjusting. You can find more information on funnel behaviour options by referring to Create a new funnel report.

Valid funnel charts

A funnel chart must have ‘Funnel step’ selected as a column.

A funnel chart can have a maximum of one row field. A chart will be created for each row. For example, the ‘User funnel report’ template has ‘Assigned user’ as a row, so the report will produce a funnel chart for each assigned user. If the funnel chart does not have a row field, the report will produce one funnel chart with aggregated data.

Funnel charts can have one or two values. ‘Count’ is the most likely value to base a funnel chart on. All of the funnel chart templates use ‘Elapsed’ as their second value.

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