Create a report from a report template in FLG Insights to save time and get to typical management information in no time.

  1. From the homepage, click the New report button.

  2. From the options presented, click the data source you want to base your report on. It is not possible to move from one data source to another once selected and data sources cannot be mixed.

  3. All report templates for the data source chosen will be shown below a horizontal grey line. For some data sources you will need to navigate a further menu level to reveal the report templates.

  4. Click on the required report template.
  5. Your chosen report template will be opened in the report designer. The report will have the required fields pre-selected and default date range set. The report name is initially the same as the report template name. Here's how to Edit the name of an existing report.
  6. Click the Run report button to generate the report results.

  7. Click All reports in the side navigation bar to see the report in your reports list on your homepage.

Tip: You can modify a report template to generate the exact results you want by adding or removing fields in the same way you Create a new custom report. You can also Add totals to a report, Limit row and column results shown in a report, Filter column results shown in a pivot table or Sort column results in a report. If your report is going to take a long time then it can be emailed to you so you don't need to wait.

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