Switch between pivot tables, list reports and charts in FLG Insights to give your data context. All custom reports start as pivot tables but can be switched to other report types. Read An introduction to FLG Insights for more information on report types.

  1. From the report designer, click the Report type icon in the top right. The icon shows the current report type selected (pivot table below).

  2. Click the report type required from the options presented.

  3. A check mark will appear against your selection and the icon will update.
  4. The layout of the report designer will change if the new report format requires a different field structure.
  5. Make any changes required to your report and then click the Run report button to generate the report results in the new report type.

  6. The report will appear in your reports list on your homepage. The reports list shows the report type.

Tip: You may want to Duplicate an existing report before changing the report type. You can also Edit the name of an existing report to help differentiate between similar reports. FLG Insights automatically limits results in new custom list reports to speed up the design process which can be removed.

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