Limit how many row or column results are shown in a report in FLG Insights so you only see the top results you're interested in. This may be useful to show you top performing sales agents, top spenders or the most recent results. FLG Insights automatically limits results in new custom list reports to speed up the design process which can be removed.

  1. Once you have run your report in the report designer, click the Format (sliders) icon in the top right.

  2. Click Limits and then using the drop-down list click how many rows or columns you want to see in your report.

  3. The limits will be applied to your report when you exit the menu and indicated below your report results. Hover over the control for more information on what limits are applied.

  4. Limits can be removed from the report by selecting All from the drop-down list.

Tip: Limits are only applied to the report results and ignore column and row headers. You can add limits to a report before you run it so they appear straight away and make your report result appear faster.

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