Schedule existing reports in FLG Insights to give colleagues and partners a snapshot of your data at the same time of the day, week or month.

  1. Once you have created your report in the report designer, click the Schedule icon in the top right.

  2. Enter the email address of one or more recipients.

  3. Select the preferred schedule and the file type:
    1. Daily - the report will be emailed on each day selected at the time selected.

    2. Weekly - the report will be emailed once a week on the day selected at the time selected.

    3. Monthly - the report will be emailed once a month on the date selected at the time selected. For shorter months it will be emailed on the last day of the month if the date does not exist.

  4. Enter an optional personal message.

  5. If the schedule should end, select an end date or the number of times the report should be sent.
  6. Click Save schedule.
  7. The saved schedule will be shown. Another schedule can be added on the same report.

  8. Click on the schedule to edit.

  9. The Schedule icon in the report designer will be blue when the report is scheduled.

  10. Each recipient will receive an email at the scheduled time from FLG Insights with the report as an attachment. The email will identify the report name and who scheduled the report plus the personal message if entered.
  11. Delete a schedule by clicking the Delete (bin) icon to the right. A confirmation message will be shown.


Tip: You can include yourself as a recipient if you want to receive a regular report or want a copy of what is sent to other recipients. If the report is deleted then the schedule will also be deleted. To email a report as an attachment right away or generate a link which gives the recipient access to live data rather than a snapshot, take a look at Share an existing report.

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