Open FLG Insights from FLG to create custom reports or use report templates to generate meaningful management information from your data.

  1. In FLG click Reports > Insights in the side navigation bar. This option will only be visible to subscriptions which include FLG Insights and to users who have the permission to access reports. Take a look at our pricing model to see how to get FLG Insights.

  2. The application will load on the homepage. An introduction to FLG Insights gives you more information on finding your way around the application.
  3. To return to FLG from FLG Insights, use the application switcher menu by clicking FLG Insights > FLG CRM using the drop-down list at the top of the side navigation bar.

Tip: FLG Insights uses the same user login information as you enter for FLG. Pages in FLG Insights can be bookmarked for ease and speed of access but will only load if you have an active session open in FLG.

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