Welcome to FLG Insights

FLG Insights is a full online platform that allows you to create reports for viewing on-screen, printing, downloading, scheduling or sharing. It allows you to generate meaningful management information so you know where your leads come from, how they are progressing and which are your top-performing agents. You can create custom reports or use report templates to create and access reports quickly and easily.

FLG Insights is launched from FLG. This option will only be visible to subscriptions which include FLG Insights and to users who have the permission to access reports. Take a look at our pricing model to see how to get FLG Insights or go right ahead and Open FLG Insights from FLG. FLG Insights uses the same user login information as you enter for FLG so you only need to enter it once.


The application is based around two main pages:

  1. The homepage.
  2. The report designer.

There is also a side navigation bar present at all times to get you round the application.

Report types

FLG Insights supports pivot tables, list reports and a range of charts. All custom reports start as pivot tables. Pivot tables can be difficult to understand at first but there's lots of great content on the internet to help you understand them better.

A pivot table is a tool to generate meaning from large volumes of data and can be very powerful. It typically starts with a question: "What am I seeking?". A pivot table usually consists of column, row and value (or data or fact) fields. These fields allow several kinds of aggregations or calculations such as sum, average or count. Data can also be filtered, sorted, totalled and limited.

A list report is a way of showing a simple tabulated list of data. It is essentially a cut down pivot table, with only columns and filters.

A chart is a graphical representation of data, where the data is represented by symbols, such as bars in a bar chart, lines in a line chart, or slices in a pie chart.

Report limits

FLG Insights is intended to offer you flexibility to create almost any report you want. By providing this flexibility it is possible to create overly complicated reports which offer no real meaning and can return large data sets. Whilst the application will normally try to generate the report you have requested, it may not always be possible. Some limits of usage have therefore been applied based on reasonable and expected usage. The limits allow the application to be tested consistently.

  • Pivot tables: 1,000 columns, 10,000 rows
  • List reports: 1,000 columns, 3 million rows


Terms specific to FLG Insights to help you understand the application.

Application switcherThe menu at the top of the side navigation bar which allows you to return to the FLG Insights homepage and switch to other FLG applications.
Custom reportA report which starts as a blank report template and has no fields pre-selected and can be fully edited to meet your needs.
Field selector panelThe area to the left of the report designer where fields are added as rows, columns, values and filters to a report.
Help centreThe place for all help articles for the FLG Insights application.
HomepageWhere you will be taken when you launch FLG Insights and where you will see your company's reports list.
Pinned reportsWhere you can pin your favourite or most used reports in your side navigation bar.
Report designerWhere you will design and modify reports and where you will access options specific to a report.
Reports listThe main element of the homepage which lists your company's reports.
Report templatesReports which have fields pre-selected and a default date range set which are accessed through the New report button. You can modify the report template.
Scheduled reportA report which runs based on a schedule where the results are emailed to one or more recipients based on a snapshot of the data.
Shared reportA report which can be run by anyone with the link based on live data.
Side navigation barThe left hand menu which gives access to:
  • The application switcher.
  • Search function.
  • All reports (reports list).
  • Pinned reports.
  • Help Centre.
  • User profile menu.
User profile menuThe menu at the bottom of the side navigation bar which allows you to update your profile, view latest terms and sign out via FLG.

Need more help?

We always aim to provide great support to everyone. Visit our Help centre for helpful articles on FLG Insights (you're already here so you just need to browse or search the articles!).

Our support team can also be contacted to offer help and advice.

Let us know how we can improve FLG on our feedback site.